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In addition, an organization's
"It's really about how efficiently
for failing to meet regulations.
DevOps and DevSecOps strategies
companies can get new ideas out
Pervasive encryption was added
can determine cloud choices. Comto market," notes R. "Ray" Wang,
to IBM Z to make data protection
panies with advanced DevOps tend
founder and principal analyst,
easier and simpler for clients. That
to be the most innovative businessConstellation Research.
saves time and money. "Users can
es, creating differentiation in the
The need for flexibility is driving
protect the data without applicamarket, Wang observes.
IT to make infrastructure decisions
tion changes and independent of
The mainframe has a vital and
based on choice. "Choice is the
any of the challenges they may
important role in multiplatform
No. 1 strategy that we are seeing,"
have of identifying and classifying
concepts. Multiplatform strategies
Wang says. Choice is one reason
their sensitive data," says Michael
provide speed of delivery and fleximany organizations are turning to
Jordan, Distinguished Engineer,
bility, and allow clients' ecosystems
multicloud arrangements.
IBM Z Security. "Encryption is
to open up for business growth and
"Public, private and hybrid clouds
integrated into the stack, leverages
innovation, notes Sherri Hanna,
change how you use your compute
the capabilities of the hardware
program director, Worldwide
power," Wang notes. "It's not just
and is done in bulk, which signifiIBM Z Marketing. "The IBM Z platwhat organizations have on premiscantly drives down the cost and
form should be a key comes, but also what they are doing
reduces management."
ponent of that multicloud
to access the data." Multicloud
IBM believes that data protection
strategy because businessallows organizations to
should be part of the infrastruces run their transactions
run their workloads and
ture, not part of the application.
storage efficiently.
That view frees application
A recent IBM Institute for
velopers to focus on adding busithe qualities of Z to the priBusiness Value survey bears
ness value. "Pervasive encryption
vate cloud-security, reliability
this out ( The
provides a high level of protection
and availability," she says.
survey found that three-quarters of
without having to change or modify
enterprise clients have multicloud
applications," Jordan says.
environments. "With enterprises
Multi-Factor Authentication
Security and Compliance
having moved just 20 percent of
(MFA) is a security tool that goes
Whether a system is on premises
their workload to existing cloud
hand in hand with encryption.
or in the cloud, it must be secure.
offerings, a $1 trillion market exists
Both are used to prevent hackers
Protecting both enterprise and
for vendors who can offer the most
from infiltrating systems.
customer data and complying with
compelling hybrid cloud solutions,"
Enterprise-wide key management
data mandates are critical factors
the survey says.
adds another important layer
for any organization. Mainframes
Barry Baker, vice president,
of security. The IBM Z platform
set the gold standard when it comes
Offering & Product Management,
features protected encryption keys
to security. IBM's emphasis on seIBM Z* and LinuxONE*, underthat aren't usable off the platform.
curity includes data protection and
scores this point. "The future isn't
Besides keeping the data safe on
regulatory compliance. Data regone cloud or one platform," he
the system, enterprise-wide
ulations are constantly changing,
says. "The future is heterogeneous
encryption keys stymie
creating moving targets of requireand using the right platform for
ransomware attacks.
ments and increasingly larger fines
the workload."
The IBM Z platform has been
part of the cloud story from the
beginning. The z/OS* environment
has all of the qualities of the cloud
including multitenant and workload
handling but not self service, notes
within the data center is becoming a leading
Rosalind Radcliffe, Distinguished
Engineer, chief architect for DevOps,
strategy for many businesses."
IBM. To remedy that, IBM is dedicated to incorporating self service on
the mainframe. "Many of our clients
already have incorporated self
service and the mainframe is part of
the hybrid cloud," she says.



IBM Systems magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2019

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: It takes a community
Currents: IBM's drive for cybersecurity training
Currents: The coffee break, elevated (literally)
Currents: Finding an effective IBM Z DevOps solution
Currents: IBM Cloud helps Kenya obtain water self-suffiency
Currents: IBM Z Open Development enables open-sourcecontinuous delivery piplines
Currents: Solutions
Partner POV: AI can help human analysts boost z/OS infrastructure performance, availability and optimization
Cover Story: The threat matrix: How DevSecOps, IBM Cloud Private and Secure Service Containers bring security to the cloud
Feature 1: Opening up the mainframe: The open-source Zowe project paves the way for a collaborative IBM Z ecosystem
TECH Showcase: Layering security throughout the enterprise stack more quickly produces better and safer code
Techbits: Open Data Analytics for z/OS provides real-time insight and heightens data security
Techbits: Understanding zIIP usage in CICS
Techbits: Ask the Expert: Zowe and z/OSMF
Techbits: Why IBM LinuxONE outperforms Linux on x86 solutions
Beyond the Box: After retiring from IBM, Jeffrey Frey persues a new career as a recording engineer
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Power Systems
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