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PARTNER PoV INFRASTRUCTURE Intelligence New information about threats in the z/OS system improves performance L eaders without access to accurate intelligence could eventually cause significant harm through their actions-or lack of timely action. Brent Phillips is the managing director of Americas for IntelliMagic. He has been working in IBM mainframe environments in technical and business roles for more than 30 years, and since 2005 in this role with IntelliMagic. Despite massive investments, IT and business line leaders still don't have up-to-date intelligence about the hidden threats to IT infrastructure performance likely to harm the continuous availability status of their business applications. As a result, unpredicted performance and availability issues keep occurring. Increase Visibility Problems are often discovered after services for production applications have been disrupted, and IT staffers are forced to react in emergency mode without adequate preparation and planning. IT and business leaders can learn about upcoming problems through easy visibility into the leading indicators about how well technology infrastructure components are handling business application workloads. This way, the problems can be resolved before they impact application users and transactions. Historically, IT leaders have attempted to protect the continuous availability status of the technology infrastructure primarily through disaster recovery (DR) initiatives, such as replication and redundancy. While DR is critical, unexpected performance problems are the most common reason users and transactions are disrupted. The complexity of information system architectures and the less predictable nature of mobile users make it more difficult than ever for today's reduced IT staffs to ensure the infrastructure has the performance capacity to handle the business workloads without disruptions. Monitor Root Causes Most service disruptions are currently considered "unpredictable" because today's early warning mechanisms are triggered by problem symptoms such as high response times. These symptoms are the easiest metrics to monitor, but they're triggered only after it's too late to avoid the impact. Accurate intelligence is timely, meaning it doesn't rely only on the symptoms of problems already occurring. It instead understands and monitors the underlying root causes of the symptoms. For example, infrastructure components that exceed the maximum utilization capacities are one of the most common causes of unacceptable response times. Timely intelligence will interpret the logical application workload metrics in the context of this type MAY/JUNE 2016 // 9

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Editor's Desk: Flexible and agile environment
IBM Perspective: Elevating open source for the enterprise
Partner PoV: New information about threats in the z/OS system improves performance
The new IBM z13 can consolidate Linux workloads at a lower cost
Focus on Storage: IBM Spectrum Storage Suite offers a new way of licensing storage software
Cover Story: Achieving An Advantage: Linux on z Systems enables the API economy and microservices while enhancing hybrid cloud solutions
Feature: A Better Option: Businesses see an advantage to using Linux on z Systems over scale-out servers
Tech Showcase: CISOs can mitigate mobile security fears and prevent issues in the workplace
Tech Corner: IBM DB2 on z/OS V2.2 features space and storage ehancements
Administrator: IBM Multi-Factor Authentication fo z/OS helps maintain a secure infrastructure
Solutions: Universal Data Manager; OpenLegacy V3.0
Stop Run: 19-year-old mainframe enthusiast installs a z890 in his parents' basement
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - May/June 2016