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STOP RUN See more outtakes of Connor on our app A Gen Z Mainframe Adventure oday's typical young adults are occupied with things like sports, arts, online/mobile games, social media apps and fashion. But Connor Krukosky isn't your typical Gen Zer-he has a mainframe in his parents' basement. An aspiring electrical engineer, 19-year-old Krukosky acquired his first computer-what he believes is an IBM Aptiva-when he was 18 months old and started collecting vintage machines about three years ago. In October 2015, a note on the members' list of the then-named Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists group ( announced, "IBM z890-Model 2086-320; bidding so far $100," and he was hooked. Krukosky replied that he needed something to heat his basement and Moving the mainframe would definitely into the basement. go for it. PHOTO COURTESY OF CONNOR KRUKOSKY Gabe Goldberg has developed, worked with and written about technology for decades. T Connor Krukosky's love for vintage machines led to him purchasing an IBM z890. Skeptics noted the system's doorway-busting size and weight of over 1 ton, but he bid and the beast was his for a mere $237.39. The move included stripping everything from the z890 frame, using the family's small flatbed trailer to transport it home and his supportive father excavating under their deck to slide the tight-fitting frame into the basement. Reassembly involved replacing damaged heatsink thermal compound, rewiring the z890 from three-phase to singlephase and configuring the home's power panel for 220 volts. Hours of self-study and abundant advice from members of the IBM-MAIN discussion mailing list helped create an I/O configuration data set and define a new LPAR. Then came the need for storage, with fiber connectivity (FICON*)/ESCON About the IBM z890 Introduced April 7, 2004-the 40th anniversary of the System/360 mainframe-the z890 server replaced the z800 and allowed mid-size enterprise customers an option based on the z990 technology. Read more about the z890 in the System Overview: 48 // MAY/JUNE 2016 gear too expensive and bus and tag storage too hard to get. The solution was an IBM storage-area network (SAN) Data Gateway for storage; Linux* is installed but not yet running. After all that, the big VM or OS IPL hasn't yet happened. Fundamental Software ( is lending a FLEX-ES Control Unit Behavior ESCON emulator. An educated guess for the system's original cost, a 2086320 model with 8 GB of memory and appropriate I/O gear, was about $340,000. Krukosky's total project cost so far is about $340, including thermal adhesive epoxy, cables, the SAN gateway ($11.84), etc., representing 0.1 percent of the cost of the new machine. IBMers have been informally helpful, and Krukosky is exploring whether z/VM* and z/OS* versions might run. Next comes Internet accessibility via a 3270 SSH and a 3270 terminal via a 3174-61R establishment controller. With Krukosky representing the next mainframe generation, IBM z Systems* servers are in good hands for years to come. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOHN DAVIS 19-year-old installs a z890 in his parents' basement

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Editor's Desk: Flexible and agile environment
IBM Perspective: Elevating open source for the enterprise
Partner PoV: New information about threats in the z/OS system improves performance
The new IBM z13 can consolidate Linux workloads at a lower cost
Focus on Storage: IBM Spectrum Storage Suite offers a new way of licensing storage software
Cover Story: Achieving An Advantage: Linux on z Systems enables the API economy and microservices while enhancing hybrid cloud solutions
Feature: A Better Option: Businesses see an advantage to using Linux on z Systems over scale-out servers
Tech Showcase: CISOs can mitigate mobile security fears and prevent issues in the workplace
Tech Corner: IBM DB2 on z/OS V2.2 features space and storage ehancements
Administrator: IBM Multi-Factor Authentication fo z/OS helps maintain a secure infrastructure
Solutions: Universal Data Manager; OpenLegacy V3.0
Stop Run: 19-year-old mainframe enthusiast installs a z890 in his parents' basement
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - May/June 2016