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TECH CORNER ENVIRONMENT Integration IBM DB2 on z/OS V2.2 features space and storage enhancements T his article outlines IBM DB2* enhanced capabilities with z/OS* V2.2, including easier movement and updates, more data set functions, and space and storage improvements. Part I of this article, "Database System Synergy" in the March/April issue (, highlights some of the features z/OS 2.1 provides to DB2 for z/OS. John Iczkovits is a senior IT specialist with IBM Advanced Technical Support. He provides DB2 for z/OS technical support and consulting services. His areas of expertise include DB2 data sharing, performance and availability. Easier Movement There was a time-long ago, when an IPL was required to add or delete an entry-when incorrectly updating the SYS1.PARMLIB subsystem name (SSN) table would require an IPL. Most customers perform IPLs with much less frequency, so it can take a while for an opportunity to occur to add a new DB2 subsystem or fix an entry for one in the SSN table. Entries can now be added dynamically, but with z/OS V2.2 you can also delete an entry using the SETSSI command. Customers using FlashCopy* probably notice that dumping a large copy pool can take a considerable amount of time because all work is done from one LPAR. This includes dump (command, auto and fast replication) processing. z/OS V2.2 now has a new SETSYS command to distribute dump work across all hosts in a Sysplex-wide common dump 40 // MAY/JUNE 2016 queue. This allows hierarchical storage management (HSM) to distribute workloads across host members in an HSMplex, and the new architecture allows for flexible configurations. The end result is the potential for the dump process to complete faster and possibly allow for FlashCopy to be executed more often. The class transition function in the management class debuted in z/OS V2.1, allowing transition of data between tiers and even down to the HSM migration level. For example, a DB2 partition that won't be used frequently after 100 days is transitioned from SSD/Flash or HDD to a cheaper Serial ATA device. After 365 days, transition the data set to an HSM migration level 2 tape. This enhancement allows for cheaper, more efficient use of disk and tape. With z/OS 2.1, the class transition function is limited to automatic space management processing. With z/OS V2.2, the various MIGRATE commands are enhanced to support class transitions at the data set, volume and storage group level. Along with this change, the MIGRATE command can be used with the new STORAGEGROUP keyword to initiate migration for all volumes within a storage group in parallel. Up to 30 storage groups may be specified. This is significant for DB2 because it allows for such things as data sets in storage groups that contain image copy or archive log data sets to be created on disk and then migrated to tape via the MIGRATE STORAGEGROUP command. Data Set Improvements The Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem class transition function can now move data laterally in the same tier of storage in addition to

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Editor's Desk: Flexible and agile environment
IBM Perspective: Elevating open source for the enterprise
Partner PoV: New information about threats in the z/OS system improves performance
The new IBM z13 can consolidate Linux workloads at a lower cost
Focus on Storage: IBM Spectrum Storage Suite offers a new way of licensing storage software
Cover Story: Achieving An Advantage: Linux on z Systems enables the API economy and microservices while enhancing hybrid cloud solutions
Feature: A Better Option: Businesses see an advantage to using Linux on z Systems over scale-out servers
Tech Showcase: CISOs can mitigate mobile security fears and prevent issues in the workplace
Tech Corner: IBM DB2 on z/OS V2.2 features space and storage ehancements
Administrator: IBM Multi-Factor Authentication fo z/OS helps maintain a secure infrastructure
Solutions: Universal Data Manager; OpenLegacy V3.0
Stop Run: 19-year-old mainframe enthusiast installs a z890 in his parents' basement
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