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CURRENTS Small and EFFICIENT The new IBM z13s can consolidate Linux workloads at a lower cost E arlier this year, IBM introduced the single-frame IBM z13s* to the z Systems* family. Ideal for consolidating a variety of business-critical Linux* workloads in a small footprint, it supports multiple distributions (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Ubuntu) and Linux hypervisors (z/VM* and Kernel-based VM, or KVM). Fehmina Merchant is a senior consulting engineer with the IBM Competitive Project Office. This article explains what IBM z13s offers in terms of superior Linux platform and cost competitiveness that differentiates it from x86 options in the marketplace. Reliable Pairing The IBM z13s server is designed as an economical entry system that allows infrastructure consolidation and simplicity to be achieved with a Linux platform that's high performing, reliable, scalable and secure. A fully configured IBM z13s system can have up to 20 cores, operating at 4.3 GHz and 4 TB of memory, and is capable of consolidating a large number of workloads (VMs) in a single footprint. Each z13s system can be split into up to 40 LPARs to allow workloads to be run in secure isolation within these partitions on a single box, obviating the need for separate physical systems, as would be the case on competitive platforms. It provides capabilities to dynamically scale with capacity on demand so it can nondisruptively add resources to support varying workload demands while controlling costs. Further, with superior workload management capabilities, like other z Systems servers, the z13s enables resources to be effectively used by multiple workloads, thereby achieving the highest possible utilization of the platform. For years, z Systems mainframes have been designed to operate with the highest levels of reliability and availability, and the z13s is no different. At the hardware level, it ships with redundant cores, MAY/JUNE 2016 // 11

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Editor's Desk: Flexible and agile environment
IBM Perspective: Elevating open source for the enterprise
Partner PoV: New information about threats in the z/OS system improves performance
The new IBM z13 can consolidate Linux workloads at a lower cost
Focus on Storage: IBM Spectrum Storage Suite offers a new way of licensing storage software
Cover Story: Achieving An Advantage: Linux on z Systems enables the API economy and microservices while enhancing hybrid cloud solutions
Feature: A Better Option: Businesses see an advantage to using Linux on z Systems over scale-out servers
Tech Showcase: CISOs can mitigate mobile security fears and prevent issues in the workplace
Tech Corner: IBM DB2 on z/OS V2.2 features space and storage ehancements
Administrator: IBM Multi-Factor Authentication fo z/OS helps maintain a secure infrastructure
Solutions: Universal Data Manager; OpenLegacy V3.0
Stop Run: 19-year-old mainframe enthusiast installs a z890 in his parents' basement
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - May/June 2016