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EDITOR'S DESK PHOTOGRAPHY BY KRISTIE ENGEBRETSON ANDERSON A Secure Connection f my mobile device is my lifeblood, the cloud is my core. My phone is always with me to take pictures; listen to music; read books; and keep a calendar, spreadsheets and lists. These all go into the cloud so I can access them from other devices or share them with people to whom I have given access. I grab my phone when I want to search or buy something. If a website is down or slow to respond, I go to another site and conduct business there. I Because much of what I buy is online, I expect to have a high level of security. That's one of the reasons IBM announced the IBM z13s*-to exploit hybrid cloud and mobile while staying agile and secure. I interviewed Mike Perera, vice president of z Systems* software at IBM, about the new mainframe. Read our cover story on page 24 to learn how clients can securely innovate and lead with the new system. The information I'm submitting by shopping on my device can be used to create a more personalized experience or possible upsell. The feature on page 30 describes mobile app use cases for clients to maximize information to achieve these results. Also in this issue, find out how OpenStack solutions can help address your compliance needs and audit standards on page 16. On page 13, IBM Research looks at how insightful and empathetic computing-known as affective computing- can benefit society. With IBM taking further steps to ensure responsiveness and security in this mobile and cloud era, I can keep my phone close by for the important moments, focusing on getting the right photo rather than the security of my information. Valerie Dennis // Managing Editor CONTRIBUTORS Rosalind Radcliffe R Mike Novak Technical tutor Rosalind Radcliffe, interviewed for Tech Showcase on page 35, mentors her son's FIRST Tech Challenge team in Durham, North Carolina, which controls a robot by programming an Android phone. She teaches the team members Java* and eventdriven programming. The team has made it to the state level competition. Going to 11 Mike Novak, illustrator of the feature art on page 30 and who art directs this magazine, has more than 10 years of experience in publishing. His career has taken him from underground DIY zines in Fargo, North Dakota, to full-color glossies in Chicago, Illinois. He's drawn to simple, creative photography, unique illustrations and good storytelling. He still gets his kicks by drumming for his noise rock band Holler House in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and finding that hidden sledding hill with his wife and two boys. He'd be happy to make a logo for your bowling team or maybe even your wedding. 6 // MARCH/APRIL 2016

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: A secure connection
Techbits: Sphere of influence
Infographic: Hybrid integration: Can you keep up?
Partner PoV: RACF needs complementary applications for total enterprise protection
R&D: IBM explores how affective computing can benefit society
IT Today: OpenStack solutions help address compliance needs and audit standards
Currents: Ponemon data breach study should encourage you to be proactive
Cover Story: The Future of Business: New IBM z13s and its growing ecosystem help clients unleash digital innovation with cloud agility and cybersecurity
Feature: The Mobile App Advantage: Real-world cases show how to maximize information to achieve results in the cognitive era
Tech Showcase: DevOps helps transform development practices to meet today's business demands
Tech Corner: With z/OS V2.1, IBM DB2 features include automation and copy improvements
Solutions: (E)JES V5.5; EasySMF; JE; Offline Access Recovery; SIEM Agent for IBM z/OS with IND$defender; SMA_RT V3.3
Stop Run: The Web's mainframe past isn't gone; it's archived on various sites
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
2016 Mainframe Solutions Edition Product Index

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - March/April 2016