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TECH CORNER Database System SYNERGY With z/OS V2.1, IBM DB2 features include automation and copy improvements T he incredible power and synergy of z/OS* processors and IBM storage allow DB2* to be one of the best database systems in the industry. z/OS V2 ushers in the modern era of computing for mobile, cloud, security, and data and analytics. John Iczkovits is a senior IT specialist with IBM Advanced Technical Support. He provides DB2 for z/OS technical support and consulting services. His areas of expertise include DB2 data sharing, performance and availability. Beginning with z/OS V2, new releases typically come out every two years. GA of z/OS 2.1 occurred in September 2013, and V2.2 became available in September 2015. Although z/OS has many great features, DB2 can't use all of them at GA. Sometimes a PTF is required, it's on the next version of DB2 or it can't be used. Careful analysis must be completed before trying to use a new feature. z/OS features cross many products; this article describes the V2.1 release features specific to DB2 for z/OS, and an article in the next issue will outline features for z/OS V2.2. Some changes have been retrofitted into z/OS 1.13. Some features won't be outlined in this article (see "More Resources," page 44), such as a large number of beneficial Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) changes. Install and Move Data DB2 installations and migrations can now be automated using z/OS Management Facility. This process isn't new to z/OS systems programmers, and there's a default workflow for DB2. Setting up install/migration of a subsystem can be done once (e.g., with DB2A and, after successful completion, using the same process for DB2B, etc.), thereby reducing the time it takes to move through each subsystem. DB2 data can be moved between tiers using the Storage Management Subsystem management class's new class transition accomplished through Hierarchical Storage Management's (HSM) space management function. What's new is that instead of HSM moving DB2 data from disk (Level 0) to HSM-owned ML1 or ML2, data can be transitioned to a lower tier before moving it to ML2. This process interfaces with both IBM's Easy Tier* disk product and DB2. If a data set resides on an SSD but you want to transition it to a nearline drive (i.e., demote the data set) and eventually migrate the data set to ML2, if not used in a period of time, the transition can occur in several ways. In this example, use the class transition to move the data from the SSD to a slower tier after 100 days and to ML2 if not used in 250 days: 1. Exits can be set up to interface with DB2, and data can be dynamically moved. 2. If the data set is open, go through global resource serialization (GRS) and determine which DB2 owns the data set. 3. Issue DB2 command STOP to that data set. 4. Move the data set and issue a START after successful completion. This process can reduce ROI by leveraging lower-cost technology while keeping the data available to DB2. Copy Improvements Consistency groups are a new feature that will help customers using FlashCopy* technology. These are intended for the DB2 logs MARCH/APRIL 2016 // 43

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IT Today: OpenStack solutions help address compliance needs and audit standards
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Tech Corner: With z/OS V2.1, IBM DB2 features include automation and copy improvements
Solutions: (E)JES V5.5; EasySMF; JE; Offline Access Recovery; SIEM Agent for IBM z/OS with IND$defender; SMA_RT V3.3
Stop Run: The Web's mainframe past isn't gone; it's archived on various sites
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