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CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT Getting started with DevOps on the mainframe is like getting in shape-it's a personalized journey have a love-hate relationship with my local gym. While I don't always like going, the exercise is good for me so I try to get there at least twice a week. The only exception I make is for the month of January. That is when the gym is a zoo because I find myself competing with all the people who got a gym membership for Christmas or decided this year they will finally start getting in shape. I do admire those people who are trying to make a positive change in their lives. I also feel a little bad for them because I'm sure they will find the gym a hassle and the first results they see could be sore muscles. When starting any kind of regimen it's easy to get discouraged early on. We all can pretty much agree on what getting in shape and leading a healthy, happy lifestyle means. Eating better, getting a regular amount of exercise and working to reduce tension in our lives is a good thing. Where we're all unique is in figuring out the best way to get there. Staying away from junk food and then adding a regular exercise routine works for me. Some people will focus on stress and may begin by learning to meditate and then move on to something like yoga. Others will start walking or jogging, or focus initially on diet or quitting smoking. How we start is based I on our current condition, and one size definitely doesn't fit all. Getting started with DevOps is a bit like getting in shape because it's a goal we can all agree has a lot of value, but the process of getting there will be a unique experience for each IT shop. What Is DevOps? A brief overview of DevOps is in order. If you use the term DevOps in a meeting with 10 attendees, you're likely to create 10 different impressions. An Internet search finds a variety of definitions that tend to reflect similar concepts. DevOps began as a desire to tear down the wall between the development and operations side of an IT shop with the purpose of improving productivity and quality. TAKEAWAY s $EV/PS HAS A LOT OF VALUE AND THE PROCESS OF GETTING THERE WILL BE A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE FOR EACH )4 SHOP )TÇS A CONTINUOUS LOOP CONSISTING OF PLANNING DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING AND DEPLOYMENT AND RELEASE THAT ARE ALL MONITORED AND ADJUSTED AS NEEDED BASED ON FEEDBACK AND RESULTS s 4O IMPROVE OR IMPLEMENT $EV/PS INTO A PROCESS ASSESSMENT IS NEEDED BEFORE DECIDING WHAT TOOLS ARE THE BEST SOLUTION TO GETTING STARTED

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Ticket to revenue
IBM Perspective: Building on strengths in the API economy
Techbits: Watson watches your waistline
Partner PoV: IT departments must be ready for digital performance and availability requirements
Focus on Storage: The IBM System Storage DS8880 family meets current and future data demands
IT Today: IBM helps clients make better decisions based on actual IT costs
Cover Story: The Digital Transformation: Fueled by IBM middleware, the API economy is poised to help clients drive more revenue
Feature: Continuous Development: Getting started with DevOps on the mainframe is like getting in shape - it's a personalized journey
HotTECH Products
Administrator: The new z/OS Client Web Enablement Toolkit enhances Web application availability
Solutions: Accelerator V6.0; Rocket Discover; Ivory Service Architect V5; Control-M Application Integrator; IAM V9.2; z/XDC z2.1
Stop Run: IBMer enjoys aerobatic flying to de-stress and improve himself
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2016