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FOCUS ON STORAGE Fast and FASTER The IBM System Storage DS8880 family meets current and future data demands F rom an end-user perspective, storage is "out of sight, out of mind." That's the way it should be. But businesses need highly reliable and fast-acting storage options to be successful. Jim Utsler is a senior writer for IBM Systems Magazine and has been covering technology for more than 20 years. Recognizing this, more organizations are taking a second or third look at their storage environments, realizing that data-now coming from multiple sources-is nearly as valuable as any products or services they may offer. It's how they make previously unseen insight and connections in, for example, customer behavior. IBM has long recognized this, coming out with evermore reliable and thoughtful storage devices nearly since its inception. The latest entry into this space includes the recently announced IBM System Storage* DS8880 family of storage offerings, including the DS8884 and the DS8886. IBM also issued a statement of direction for an all-flash model in the first half of 2016. The performance is expected to grow substantially with the all high-performance flash enclosure unit that is to come. This new family is driven by the IBM POWER8* processors, as indicated by the third eight in the family name. "Everything we're delivering is focused on making storage easier, more manageable and faster to JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 // 11

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Editor's Desk: Ticket to revenue
IBM Perspective: Building on strengths in the API economy
Techbits: Watson watches your waistline
Partner PoV: IT departments must be ready for digital performance and availability requirements
Focus on Storage: The IBM System Storage DS8880 family meets current and future data demands
IT Today: IBM helps clients make better decisions based on actual IT costs
Cover Story: The Digital Transformation: Fueled by IBM middleware, the API economy is poised to help clients drive more revenue
Feature: Continuous Development: Getting started with DevOps on the mainframe is like getting in shape - it's a personalized journey
HotTECH Products
Administrator: The new z/OS Client Web Enablement Toolkit enhances Web application availability
Solutions: Accelerator V6.0; Rocket Discover; Ivory Service Architect V5; Control-M Application Integrator; IAM V9.2; z/XDC z2.1
Stop Run: IBMer enjoys aerobatic flying to de-stress and improve himself
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2016