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TECH CORNER PINPOINTING Problems Runtime Diagnostics and Predictive Failure Analysis V2.2 improve z/OS availability W hile z/OS* availability is excellent, we know sometimes bad things happen. Knowing in advance that something is amiss can give you the time needed to correct the problem before an outage occurs. Also, quickly diagnosing the cause will get your systems running at their peak with the least impact on your business. Karla Arndt is an IBM senior software engineer and the team leader of Predictive Failure Analysis and Runtime Diagnostics. Prior to z/OS V2.2, Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) sent alerts about the potential for exhaustion of common storage and the possibility of a damaged system and damaged address spaces using five types of analysis. Previously, Runtime Diagnostics investigated your system for seven types of issues to help pinpoint the source of your system's problems. Both PFA and Runtime Diagnostics have significant enhancements in V2.2-and one in V2.1-designed to improve your systems' availability. Private Virtual Storage Exhaustion V2.2 features a new PFA health check: PFA_PRIVATE_STORAGE_ EXHAUSTION. This check collects historical data from individual address spaces and up to a maximum of six storage locations within them. Data usage trends are then projected into the future to determine if any of the address spaces for any of the locations collected have the potential to utilize more than their currently available storage capacity. If so, PFA alerts you to this potential, future exhaustion and creates an exception report that helps with your problem investigation by providing detailed information about the storage consumption. By default, the closer the address space is to exhausting storage, the higher the severity of the write-to-operator message issued. When the potential for future exhaustion is detected, PFA calculates the predicted time of exhaustion based on the historical trend projected into the future along with the currently available capacity. PFA then uses the values in the checks' configurable parameters to determine the severity of the message. These configuration parameters give you the flexibility to choose the severity of the message based on the amount of time to exhaustion. Even better, PFA has enhanced the PFA_COMMON_ STORAGE_USAGE check to use this dynamic severity feature and Figure 1: Runtime Diagnostics SERVERHEALTH Event EVENT 01: HIGH - SERVERHEALTH - SYSTEM: SY1 2014/08/14 - 10:39:18 JOB NAME: IRLM9 ASID: 0150 CURRENT HEALTH VALUE: 0 CURRENT LOWEST HEALTH VALUES: SUBSYSTEM HEALTH REPORTED SUBSYSTEM NAME SETTING REASON DATE AND TIME XCF XCF 80 0000000000000001 2014/08/14 10:38:29 XES IRLM9 0 000000080000000C 2014/08/14 10:37:27 ERROR: ADDRESS SPACE SERVER CURRENT HEALTH VALUE LESS THAN 100. ERROR: THIS VALUE MAY IMPACT YOUR SYSTEM OR SYSPLEX TRANSACTION ERROR: PROCESSING. ACTION: USE YOUR SOFTWARE MONITORS TO INVESTIGATE THE ASID AND TO ACTION: DETERMINE THE IMPACT OF THE HEALTH OF THE ADDRESS SPACE TO ACTION: OVERALL TRANSACTION PROCESSING. 34 // NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2015
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IBM Perspective: Opening new options for real-time analytics
Editor's Desk: Predictive analytics enhances purchases
Infographic: Breaking down the mainframe skills gap
Partner PoV: IBM z Systems clients must manage existing and emerging assets together to get the most value
Focus on Storage: The IBM Spectrum Storage family of software-defined solutions simplifies storage management
Currents: Architect real-time analytics into operational systems for competitive advantage
Cover Story: Dynamic Spark: IBM brings the Apache project's analytics power to Linux and z Systems servers
Feature: Personal Shopper: Retailer optimizes analytics to drive a more customized client experience
Tech Showcase: In a roundtable, distributors discuss how IBM LinuxONE enables flexibility for users
Tech Corner: Runtime Diagnostics and Predictive Failure Analysis V2.2 improve z/OS availability
Solutions: Strobe 5.2
Stop Run: IBMer volunteers time to educate people about malaria and technology
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2015