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TECH SHOWCASE Designed for CHANGE In a roundtable, distributors discuss how IBM LinuxONE enables flexibility for users By Shirley S. Savage he recently announced IBM LinuxONE* systems are designed to give users a flexible open platform, providing Linux without limits. With the LinuxONE family comes many other announcements, including the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor now available on the system and Canonical's Ubuntu joining Red Hat and SUSE as distributors. IBM Systems Magazine sat down with John Zannos, vice president, Cloud Alliances and Ecosystem at Canonical; Filipe Miranda, global lead for Red Hat Products on IBM z Systems*; and Michael Miller, vice president of Global Alliances and Marketing at SUSE to find out why IBM's LinuxONE offerings are the right platforms at the right time. T IBM Systems Magazine: IBM recently announced LinuxONE Emperor, designed for the enterprise space, and LinuxONE Rockhopper, designed as an entry-level system. How will those offerings affect demand for Linux? Michael Miller: LinuxONE signals a commitment by IBM, SUSE and the entire ecosystem to innovate to meet growing demand. Two great examples are KVM and the Open Mainframe Project, where we can continue to foster additional innovations. John Zannos: These new systems recognize the growing importance of Linux and client interest in leveraging mainframes for their security, performance and availability. IBM and Canonical have clients asking for Ubuntu. The availability of Ubuntu will drive new workloads. Filipe Miranda: LinuxONE is a game changer. It brings customers the power of choice around Linux distribution, virtualization technology and open-source applications that are relevant to their business. ISM: How does offering more choice help customers create the right infrastructure? Miranda: Red Hat Enterprise Linux is part of the LinuxONE offering so customers can continue to deploy Linux workloads using Red Hat Enterprise Linux with confidence, security, performance and scalability. Miller: The LinuxONE approach creates a real Linux-oriented NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 // 29

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2015
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IBM Perspective: Opening new options for real-time analytics
Editor's Desk: Predictive analytics enhances purchases
Infographic: Breaking down the mainframe skills gap
Partner PoV: IBM z Systems clients must manage existing and emerging assets together to get the most value
Focus on Storage: The IBM Spectrum Storage family of software-defined solutions simplifies storage management
Currents: Architect real-time analytics into operational systems for competitive advantage
Cover Story: Dynamic Spark: IBM brings the Apache project's analytics power to Linux and z Systems servers
Feature: Personal Shopper: Retailer optimizes analytics to drive a more customized client experience
Tech Showcase: In a roundtable, distributors discuss how IBM LinuxONE enables flexibility for users
Tech Corner: Runtime Diagnostics and Predictive Failure Analysis V2.2 improve z/OS availability
Solutions: Strobe 5.2
Stop Run: IBMer volunteers time to educate people about malaria and technology
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2015