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FOCUS ON STORAGE A FULL SPECTRUM of Solutions The IBM Spectrum Storage family of software-defined solutions simplifies storage management T oday's data-rich world is both good and bad. Companies can, for example, learn about individual customer habits, supply-chain requirements and upcoming trends based on historical and real-time data. But managing and gaining deep insight from it can be difficult, especially with the acute increase in the amount of data flowing into storage coffers and plethora of storage devices and platforms being deployed. Jim Utsler is a senior writer for IBM Systems Magazine and has been covering technology for more than 20 years. To help alleviate these woes, IBM has developed its IBM Spectrum Storage* family of software-defined storage solutions. These include the IBM Spectrum Accelerate*, IBM Spectrum Scale*, IBM Spectrum Virtualize*, IBM Spectrum Control*, IBM Spectrum Protect* and IBM Spectrum Archive* solutions. (See "The Spectrum Storage Family of Products" on page 12 for more information.) Whether deployed singly or as a whole, they help simplify the management of complex storage environments and improve the insight gained from them. As Vincent Hsu, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO of Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure, explains, "It's all about flexibility and intelligence-flexibility in terms of hardware platforms, configuration, provisioning and supporting various workloads, and intelligence in terms of adaptive resource optimization, from flash to hard drives to tape-creating a seamless storage environment no matter the device type or vendor." NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 // 11

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2015

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2015
Table of Contents
IBM Perspective: Opening new options for real-time analytics
Editor's Desk: Predictive analytics enhances purchases
Infographic: Breaking down the mainframe skills gap
Partner PoV: IBM z Systems clients must manage existing and emerging assets together to get the most value
Focus on Storage: The IBM Spectrum Storage family of software-defined solutions simplifies storage management
Currents: Architect real-time analytics into operational systems for competitive advantage
Cover Story: Dynamic Spark: IBM brings the Apache project's analytics power to Linux and z Systems servers
Feature: Personal Shopper: Retailer optimizes analytics to drive a more customized client experience
Tech Showcase: In a roundtable, distributors discuss how IBM LinuxONE enables flexibility for users
Tech Corner: Runtime Diagnostics and Predictive Failure Analysis V2.2 improve z/OS availability
Solutions: Strobe 5.2
Stop Run: IBMer volunteers time to educate people about malaria and technology
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2015