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FEATURE GETTING IT RIGHT How to build the right relationship with your ISV BY SHIRLEY S. SAVAGE A s an IBM customer, you are familiar with researching and purchasing solutions from business partners and ISVs. Maybe you've been doing that for decades or perhaps only a few years. No matter the level of your expertise, everyone can use a few suggestions to improve business relationships and purchasing decisions. Simply put, it's a matter of four essential steps: The Prep Work First and foremost, make sure your applications meet the specific 1. Assess your requirements need you are trying to address. If you are in the market for 2. Decide on the platform and software that will best applications software, for example, the product must have the execute your workloads 3. Build a solid relationship with your ISV of choice 4. Avoid pitfalls features and functions your business requires. However, infrastructure software is a whole different story, so you'll want to investigate the software's compatibility with other software programs as well as its ease of integration and To establish a good relationship with a vendor, you will need ease of management. to perform due diligence research up-front to ensure good "You need to look at the kind of middleware and other software customer-vendor relations after the sale. You want a vendor that that makes it easy to move information across, keep track of aligns with your needs and aims. it, manage it and tune it," says Joe Clabby, president of Clabby 6 // 2016

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition - 2016 Mainframe Solutions Edition