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COMPANY SHOWCASE Virtel SysperTec 406 Kinross Drive Walnut Creek, CA 94598 Patrick Fournier 925-954-9649 SysperTec Communication publishes Virtel, a product line to Web-enable and modernize mainframe applications such as CICS*, IMS*, Natural, TSO and even batch: ĀÃ9LUWHOÃ:HEÃ$FFHVVÃVHUYHVÃūŪůŨÃDSSOLFDWLRQVÃWRÃWKLQFOLHQWÃ:HEÃ EURZVHUVÃZLWKÃūŪůŨÃWHUPLQDOÃHPXODWLRQÃHUJRQRPLFV ĀÃ9LUWHOÃ:HEÃ,QWHJUDWLRQÃH[SRVHVÃPDLQIUDPHÃDSSOLFDWLRQVÃWKURXJKÃ LQWHUDFWLYHÃELGLUHFWLRQDOÃ:HEÃ;0/Ã-621Ã62$3ÃHWFÃDQGÃ PHVVDJHÃ04ÃVHUYLFHV ĀÃ 9LUWHOÃ :HEÃ 0RGHUQL]DWLRQÃ FUHDWHVÃ DÃ *8,Ã IURPÃ VFUHHQÃ RUÃ &200$5($ÃLQWHUIDFHV FIND IT ALL AT IBM Destination z Your home for all things mainframe, features original articles, blogs and forums to ask questions and converse with the community. With more than 5,000 members, the site appeals to every mainframer-from longtime IT professionals to students embarking on a z Systems* career. Other Destination z highlights include Member Spotlight featuring profiles of members, articles of various technical levels, an informational resource center, a roundup of blogs and tweets from the community, an academic page, business partner resources and caricatures from various conferences. r Join today: 32 // 2016 View Listings Online r Virtel Web Access (VWA) r Virtel Web Integration (VWI) r Virtel Web Modernization (VWM)

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How to Build the Right Relationaship with Your ISV
Using the Solutions Edition
Company Showcases
21st Century Software
Action Software International
Advanced Software Products Group Inc.
Applied Software Inc.
Black Hill Software
CASI Software
ColeSoft Markeing Inc.
Compuware Corporation
CorreLog Inc.
DINO Software Corp.
Direct Computer Resources Inc.
DTS Software
Fischer International Systems Corporation
GT Software
Hostbridge Technology
INNOVATION Data Processing
ISPW Benchmark Technologies Ltd
MPI Tech
MVS Solutions Inc. - ThruPut Manager
Optica Technologies Inc.
Quintessential Mailing Software Inc.
Serena Software
Software Diversified Services
Tone Software Corporation
Top Gun Technology
Treehouse Software Inc.
Trident Services Inc.
Vanguard Integrity Professionals
zCost Management
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition - 2016 Mainframe Solutions Edition