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COMPANY SHOWCASE Application Development // Systems Management Serena Software FIND IT ALL AT Serena Software provides orchestrated application development and release management solutions to the Global 2000. Our 2,500 active enterprise customers, including a majority of the Fortune 100, have made Serena the largest independent application life cycle management vendor and one of the only the vendors in this space that orchestrate DevOps, the processes that bring Serena Software 1850 Gateway Drive San Mateo, CA 94404 Mark Levy 818-712-4109 together application development and operations. Serena's innovative products are renowned in the most demanding IT shops around the world for their capability and reliability, powering change, configuration and release View Listings Online 1. Serena ChangeMan ZMF One of the most comprehensive software change, configuration and release management solutions on z/OS. 2. Serena ChangeMan SSM Ensures that only authorized changes are made into the production environment. management processes in the world's leading banks, government agencies and telecommunication companies. Serena's mainframe products include ChangeMan ZMF, Dimensions and Release Automation solutions. "The support from Serena has been unsurpassed. Their availability to assist in problem determination and to provide a solution is exactly what our organization needs to improve performance. We needed a global and cost-effective approach, and this is exactly what Serena delivers." -Global 500 bank 3. Serena Dimensions CM Manages and coordinates crossplatform application change and development. 4. Serena Dimensions RM Rapidly delivers high-quality requirements across teams, projects and products. 5. Serena Release Control Enables organizations to plan, control and automate their release process. 6. Serena Deployment Automation Deploys software in an efficient, fast and reliable manner. Serena Software Helping IT Organizations Develop and Release Better Software 30 // 2016

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition - 2016 Mainframe Solutions Edition