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Postal Software Quintessential Mailing Software Inc. FIND IT ALL AT QMSI products easily replace other CASS software Quintessential Mailing Software Inc. 5800 Ager Beswick Road Montague, CA 96064 Tim Gregerson 866-284-1001 because USPS technology makes any conversion effort much simpler. The more difficult "conversions of the past" for CASS products have been reduced to a DPV question: "Did the address DPV confirm?" or "Did it have the Zip+4 applied?" One and the same answer. That's it! QMSI's pricing model is refreshingly unique: No MSU or MIPS-based charges. You pay a one-time fee, per CPU, View Listings Online 1. QCODE First CASS-certified software in 20 years- exclusively for IBM mainframes running z/OS or z/VSE. then keep your maintenance current and run-without dread for your next big price increase. There won't be one! QMSI's monthly, USPS-required Zip4 updates are quick and easy because of our proprietary data architecture. The downloadable database file is a single, sequential data set, not multiple VSAM backups. Learn firsthand, without a conversion, how fast your CASS processing can be in batch. See sub-second response 2. QSORT Presort with pimary focus on First Class Mail, some Standard Mail and extremely fast processing. times to address data queries under CICS*, IMS* or CA/IDMS. 3. QVIEW The easiest way to quickly find complete address information online using CICS, IMS or CA/IDMS. learn and use than all other mainframe CASS software. Give us two hours of TEST LPAR time and we'll give you postal software products like no others available today. batch and online queries of your address data- super fast-with no conversion at all. Go zIIP! QCODE is efficient, fast, less expensive and easier to And QMSI provides personal customer support 24-7, for no additional cost. Myth Buster: All vendors are "sole source" providers when it comes to their support/maintenance. But, no NOTE: You could be running Get Postal postal software vendor is a sole source for CASS, PAVE or NCOA mainframe software. We are here to prove that. Don't waste CPU, I/O resources and your dollars on obsolete software architecture! Get affordable, efficient postal software, right now, at QMSI. 2016 // 29

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition - 2016 Mainframe Solutions Edition