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COMPANY SHOWCASE Systems Management IntelliMagic FIND IT ALL AT IntelliMagic is a leading provider of a new breed of IntelliMagic 549 Silicon Drive, Suite 100 Southlake, TX 76092 214-432-7920 performance and availability management software and services that provide availability intelligence. By using automation and built-in knowledge about the specific z/OS* resources in use, IntelliMagic software transforms RMF and SMF data, along with other data sources, into useful intelligence about how well the infrastructure is handling the peak period workloads. The result is valuable foresight into upcoming problems so they can be avoided, which offers a new layer of protection against disruptions View Listings Online 1. IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Intelligence to protect availability for z/OS disk, replication and processor resources. 2. IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Tape and Virtual Tape Identifies risks and highlights issues in z/OS tape environments before they have fully developed. to your continuous availability status. The benefits also include powerful visualization capabilities that accelerate correction of issues identified (predicted or unpredictable issues). These visualization capabilities assist in identifying what has changed, and often built-in advice provides valuable information for problem resolution. IntelliMagic solutions are available as a software for on-premise installation, or through a services model using IntelliMagic Vision as a Service. 3. IntelliMagic Direction for z/OS Model your workloads on any disk configuration. Don't buy storage without it! 24 // 2016*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1&trk=nmp_rec_act_company_photo

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition - 2016 Mainframe Solutions Edition