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Illustration by Benoit Challand SIEM Agent for z/OS 3OFTWARE $IVERSIlED 3ERVICES 3OFTWARE $IVERSIFIED 3ERVICES PROVIDES Z/3 administrators with the tools to immediately incorporate z/OS logs into security information AND EVENT MANAGEMENT È3)%-É PROGRAMS 4HE 3)%- AGENT FOR Z/3 CONVERTS 3-& RECORDS INTO standard syslog data immediately and sends that DATA TO 3)%- PROGRAMS FOR INTEGRATION WITH SIMILAR DATA FROM OTHER PLATFORMS 4HE Z/3 3)%- AGENT& s Integration Link IntelliChief s IntelliChief releases Integration Link, an integration component letting any lineof-business (LOB) application or ERP system interconnect with its IntelliChief content/document management product without programming or application code customization. The solution: s s s s s s ,ETS USERS SECURELY RETRIEVE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS FROM THE )NTELLI#HIEF REPOSITORY AND INDEX DOCUMENTS FROM VARIOUS SOURCES USING KNOWN VALUES WHILE USERS ARE within the ERP or LOB application software system (ELPS ELIMINATE MAKING COSTLY MODIFICATIONS TO THE ,/" APPLICATION TO INTEGRATE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT WHILE GIVING USERS ACCESS TO CONTENT FROM THE SCREENS and interfaces they already know /FFERS A SIMPLE POINTANDCLICK INTERFACE %XPANDS )NTELLI#HIEFÇS USE INTO ANY %20 SYSTEM WHETHER BROWSER BASED TOUCH SCREEN OR A TRADITIONAL CLIENTSERVER APPLICATION s s R OS SUPPORT: Z/3 % TO   R PRICE: Priced by LPAR R URL: R OS SUPPORT: Platform agnostic R PRICE: Starting at $4,995 R URL: ADVERTISER INDEX PAGE PAGE ISPW Webinar // 35 MVS Solutions // 1 43 MVS Solutions Webinar // 15 CASI Software // 44 Relational Architects International // C2 ColeSoft Marketing Inc. // 19 SHARE // 46 Compuware // 5 SUSE Webinar // 23 IBM Tech Conferences // C3 Treehouse Software Inc. // 45 Vanguard Integrity Professionals // 21 Advanced Software Products Group // BMC Webinar // Brandon Systems // Innovation Data Processing //, 38 17, 27 40, C4 -ONITORS SECURITY DATA FROM Z/3 5.)8 3YSTEM 3ERVICES 3-& AND Z/3 operator interface #ONNECTS WITH ESTABLISHED Z/3 SECURITY& 2!#& !#&4- AND 4OP 3ECRET 0ROFILES 4IME 3HARING /PTION È43/É USERS AND recognizes anomalies in TSO sessions 0ROVIDES !0)S FOR DEFINING 43/ #)#3 AND Z/3 BATCH EVENTS TO WATCH $ELIVERS REALTIME ALERTS AND INTELLIGENCE DATA TO ALL WIDELY USED 3)%- SOFTWARE INCLUDING )"- 12ADAR -C!FEE %3- 30,5.+ ArcSight and enVision "RINGS Z/3 SHOPS INTO COMPLIANCE WITH 3ARBANES/XLEY !CT 0#) AND ()0!! CONTACT THE SALES TEAM ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Mari Adamson-Bray // (612) 336-9241 ASSOCIATE SALES MANAGER, Southeast, Southwest and Asia-Pacific Lisa Kilwein // (623) 234-8014 ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, Northeast, Northwest and Canada Kathy Ingulsrud // (612) 313-1785 ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, Midwest and Europe Darryl Rowell // (612) 313-1781 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015 // 47

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2015

Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Flexible options
IBM Perspective: The full potential of Linux
Infographic: Differentiate your cloud services and drive margins sky-high
Techbits: The P-TECH fast track
Partner PoV: Virtualizing system software can help reduce data center costs
Trends: IBM has the roadmap you need to get to business innovation
Currents: Thanks to mobile apps, users can access IBM z Systems services and data
IT Today: A Cloud IT Optimization Assessment can help determine the right solutions
Case Study: Letters Home: Western Illinois University improves school-to-student interaction with more eye-catching financial aid documents
Cover Story: Linux Breakthrough: New IBM LinuxONE systems are enterprise-grade and built for business-critical applications
Feature: Community Partnership: The new Open Mainframe Project capitalizes on the strengths of z Systems and Linux to foster growth
Feature: A Matter of Standards: The KVM hypervisor extends familiar tools to Linux on the mainframe
Tech Showcase: Understanding VSAM can help you process and access information
Administrator: New zHPF protocols offer up to a 68 percent reduction in I/O service time for write operations
Solutions: Integration Link; SIEM Agent for z/OS
Stop Run: Software engineer notes creative side with musical instruments and choirs
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
Mainframe Skills Special Report
2016 Mainframe Solutions Edition

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2015