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TRENDS Journey to the CLOUD ILLUSTRATION BY TOBIAS W√úSTEFELD IBM has the roadmap you need to get to business innovation I t's estimated that anywhere from half to three-quarters of installations will have some form of cloud implementation in the next two years. Over the next four years, it's believed that the top 20 market players in each industry will be disrupted through innovation. Cloud is no longer just a discussion. It is a key factor driving business innovation. Susan Schreitmueller is a Distinguished Engineer and senior cloud advisor at IBM. Although the how and the why may differ, our motivation is strong to embrace a truly elastic solution, provide rapid provisioning, automate to a high degree and transform our businesses all while reducing costs. New markets and competitive insight beckon if only we can move quickly enough to capitalize on opportunities. 12 // SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015 These are exciting times for our industry. It seems that everywhere we look someone is claiming to be cloud-centric. The roadmap to success can seem confusing so let's recap and emphasize some options and decision points. IBM has made recent moves to bolster its cloud initiatives (see "IBM's Move in Cloud," page 14) and most of the examples in this article are part of the IBM suite of cloud offerings. These concepts are applicable as you map out your cloud journey. Most importantly, you should understand that your journey must not focus solely on IT and infrastructure change.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2015

Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Flexible options
IBM Perspective: The full potential of Linux
Infographic: Differentiate your cloud services and drive margins sky-high
Techbits: The P-TECH fast track
Partner PoV: Virtualizing system software can help reduce data center costs
Trends: IBM has the roadmap you need to get to business innovation
Currents: Thanks to mobile apps, users can access IBM z Systems services and data
IT Today: A Cloud IT Optimization Assessment can help determine the right solutions
Case Study: Letters Home: Western Illinois University improves school-to-student interaction with more eye-catching financial aid documents
Cover Story: Linux Breakthrough: New IBM LinuxONE systems are enterprise-grade and built for business-critical applications
Feature: Community Partnership: The new Open Mainframe Project capitalizes on the strengths of z Systems and Linux to foster growth
Feature: A Matter of Standards: The KVM hypervisor extends familiar tools to Linux on the mainframe
Tech Showcase: Understanding VSAM can help you process and access information
Administrator: New zHPF protocols offer up to a 68 percent reduction in I/O service time for write operations
Solutions: Integration Link; SIEM Agent for z/OS
Stop Run: Software engineer notes creative side with musical instruments and choirs
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
Mainframe Skills Special Report
2016 Mainframe Solutions Edition

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2015