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IBM PERSPECTIVE Transforming Travel End to End F Travelers today are booking reservations through their mobile phones or tablets. They're using electronic boarding codes, not just paper tickets. And instead of looking at the big boards in the terminals, they're getting updates ahead of time sent through text messages or emails. IBM z Systems* mainframes have long been at the center of the rapidly evolving travel industry, and with the launch this year of the new IBM z13* mainframe, we will continue to play a major role in transforming the consumer experience. Capable of handling 2.5 billion transactions a day, the z13 platform is ideal for meeting the growing demand by consumers to use mobile devices for travel reservations. The z13 system's capability to process transactions and perform analytics at the same time also enables companies to tailor offerings and options, improving customer service and satisfaction. A quick look at a typical travel plan shows how crucial the z Systems platform is to the industry. Let's say you want to take a trip from New York to Miami. Chances are your flight will be handled through z Systems servers. The mainframe is used by 23 of the 25 largest global airlines. We also are used by Travelport, which handles 120 million flight reservations a year for other providers. If you booked a hotel room, we probably had a hand in that transaction too. The mainframe underpins the IT system for Marriott International. If you paid for your travel with a credit card, z Systems processed the payment. Our mainframes handle $6 trillion in credit card transactions annually. And even when you're on the ground in Miami, the z Systems platform is still with you. It is the core computing system for major governments, including Miami-Dade County, where our systems help officials manage everything from mass transit to public safety. The new capabilities of the z13 mainframe and changing dynamics in the travel industry make it poised to play an even bigger role. Radixx is a prime ROSS MAURI, General Manager, IBM z Systems 8 // JULY/AUGUST 2015 example of how the z Systems platform is expanding into new territory. A software as a service provider, Radixx runs the reservation systems for airlines based in developing markets. Until now, Radixx used server farms to run its reservation systems, but the growing trend in mobile transactions prompted it to look at the mainframe. The IBM z Systems platform allows Radixx to meet this boom in transactions and seamlessly scale capabilities when traffic spikes for its airline clients. Radixx also expects to have a 40 percent lower total cost of ownership over the next three years for its mainframe versus the servers it replaces. So as you book your summer travel to Miami or beyond, rest assured that the z Systems platform is with you each step of the way. We're also ensuring the travel industry can continue innovating to give consumers the power and convenience to manage their travel through whatever channel best meets their needs. PHOTOGRAPHY BY BILL BERNSTEIN ew businesses are being transformed as quickly and dramatically by the mobile economy as the travel industry. Think back a few years when we booked flights over the phone, printed tickets at airline counters and relied on display boards in terminals as the primary source of information.

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