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EDITOR'S DESK PHOTOGRAPHY BY KRISTIE ENGEBRETSON ANDERSON An Important Role D uring the IBM Mainframe50 celebration, a popular question was: "Can you go five minutes without using a mainframe?" One IBM video ( points out that everything from utilities to mobile apps to banking and travel reservations is powered by the system. The answer is clear: The mainframe is quietly working away in the background of everyday activities-doing its job so well that most of us don't even notice. Several industries rely on enterprise computing to help keep the business moving along. And as technology needs and expectations change, the platform evolves to continue providing successful solutions for clients and users. To achieve business efficiency, IBM is helping clients apply disruptive technologies in nondisruptive ways. Read about some examples and solutions in the cover story on page 18. The feature on page 28 highlights how key industries are using the mainframe to provide solutions tailored to fit their needs. It's important for mainframe clients to keep security front and center. Cybersecurity threat management expert Philip Young explains in the feature on page 22 how a proactive and educated approach to mainframe security scans and tests is necessary. Also inside, find out how Vissensa Ltd. deploys an IBM Enterprise Cloud System to relieve the IT burdens of its clients Eve Daniels Cinema creator Eve Daniels, who wrote Tech Showcase on page 33, has been involved with video production for five years after studying cinema at the local community and technical college. In this time, she has shot, edited, directed and produced short documentaries for Twin Cities Public Television, the University of Minnesota, and other local and national organizations. She is in the process of finishing her first short comedy indie film, "Muskrat," which she plans to release this summer. Valerie Dennis // Managing Editor R Tim Boelaars Clearly colorful Tim Boelaars, who created the icons for the feature on page 28, is a designer and illustrator in Amsterdam. He specializes in icon, identity, logo and packaging design, as well as illustration and art direction. He's known for his sharp simplicity, conceptual clarity and firm handshake. Tim was raised on colors, growing up painting and drawing every Wednesday with his grandfather. As a teenager, Tim found refuge in the dynamic letterforms of graffiti, then moved to illustration in college. Tim is the co-founder of Amsterdam-based Concrete Matter, a minimarket of must-haves for men. 6 // JULY/AUGUST 2015 PHOTO COURTESY OF TIM BOELAARS CONTRIBUTORS in the case study on page 14. The Administrator department on page 41 explains how the IBM DS8870 storage subsystem delivers innovations that allow clients to get the maximum value from the IBM z13* platform. Because so many industries rely on the mainframe, it's as important as ever to maintain reliability and security while maximizing technology. I should know, I use the mainframe around the clock without ever having to think twice about it being there for me.

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: An important note
IBM Perspective: Transforming travel end to end
Partner PoV: Maximize the platform's business value by addressing challenges now
IT Today: Infrastructure matters: Myth or truth?
Case Study: Turning Complexity Into Simplicity: Vissensa Ltd. deploys an IBM Enterprise Cloud System to relieve the IT burdens of its clients
Cover Story: Industry Importance: Applying disruptive technologies in a nondisrputive way helps mainframe clients achieve business efficiency
Feature: Security Notification: Mainframe companies must be proactive and educated in testing and protection, expert says
Feature: Industry Improvements: Clients from five key industries highlight what's possible with IBM mainframe
Tech Showcase: Businesses must look at the big picture to take advantage of analytics
HotTECH Products
Administrator: New technologies with the IBM z13 and DS8870 systems aim to reduce costs and improve resilience, scale and performance
Solutions: ARCAD- Anonymizer; FDRPASVM, MVT Vault, STEPLIB-Rx 3.1; Topaz, ISPW V4.4, Savvytest 2.1
Stop Run: 'Things just clicked' for IBMer looking for his path
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
2015 Mainframe Solutions Edition Product Index

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - July/August 2015