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IT TODAY INFRASTRUCTURE MATTERS: Myth or Truth? P eople hold many misconceptions about IT infrastructure-about what it can do and what it can't-especially in terms of cloud and big data and analytics deployments. Can infrastructure make a difference? If so, what and how much? Learn the truth about infrastructure and see how the right infrastructure choices can help you improve overall business outcomes and bring new value to your organization. THE MYTH: Infrastructure is infrastructure. Any hardware is good enough for cloud. THE TRUTH: Today's applications and workloads are directly affected by the underlying IT infrastructure. In fact, a flexible and agile cloud infrastructure that's integrated across compute, storage and networking can increase responsiveness and operational performance. This in turn can help the business drive new opportunities to acquire, grow and retain customers. It's also important to realize that the more 1 12 // JULY/AUGUST 2015 capabilities your infrastructure has, the better your applications can perform. THE MYTH: Infrastructure in itself does not drive business value. THE TRUTH: Quite the contrary. By implementing the right infrastructure and software-defined environment, your IT environment can provide the agility required to respond to the needs of the enterprise, adapting to dynamic business conditions. This drives business value by maximizing the value of your IT investment. 2 THE MYTH: Cloud doesn't provide any value beyond cost reduction. THE TRUTH: Cloud drives business growth. Its value is about more than just saving money-it's about having an infrastructure that supports innovation and improved business outcomes by addressing customer and internal needs more quickly, and with more agility. Forward-thinking organizations are successful because they use cloud to maximize the effectiveness of their IT infrastructure to fit their changing business needs. 3

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: An important note
IBM Perspective: Transforming travel end to end
Partner PoV: Maximize the platform's business value by addressing challenges now
IT Today: Infrastructure matters: Myth or truth?
Case Study: Turning Complexity Into Simplicity: Vissensa Ltd. deploys an IBM Enterprise Cloud System to relieve the IT burdens of its clients
Cover Story: Industry Importance: Applying disruptive technologies in a nondisrputive way helps mainframe clients achieve business efficiency
Feature: Security Notification: Mainframe companies must be proactive and educated in testing and protection, expert says
Feature: Industry Improvements: Clients from five key industries highlight what's possible with IBM mainframe
Tech Showcase: Businesses must look at the big picture to take advantage of analytics
HotTECH Products
Administrator: New technologies with the IBM z13 and DS8870 systems aim to reduce costs and improve resilience, scale and performance
Solutions: ARCAD- Anonymizer; FDRPASVM, MVT Vault, STEPLIB-Rx 3.1; Topaz, ISPW V4.4, Savvytest 2.1
Stop Run: 'Things just clicked' for IBMer looking for his path
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - July/August 2015