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STACKED PLEnTIfuL MIDDLEWArE OPTIOnS By Joseph gulla Editor's Note: This article was originally published in May 2014. t he open-source Linux* OS has impressive support in the IT industry and has opened the door to the notion that the software stack including middleware software could include both open-source and non-opensource software. The software and service community has responded with an abundance of technical alternatives. Both approaches have their merits. 12 // MAY 2015 Linux on z Systems Linux comes in many different distributions or variants. Almost all can be downloaded for free from the development project site or other sites dedicated to distributing Linux. Typically, you can also purchase a priced copy of Linux and support services from the organization's site. Support services vary and often include software updates, technical support, consulting, training and certification. Licensed-for-a-fee middleware Software A variety of software is available from IBM and other suppliers that extend Linux, including middleware software. For IBM, Linux is supported on all contemporary systems including z Systems*, Power Systems* and in the cloud. The same is true for the middleware and database environments running on Linux on those platforms. IBM Rational* software is available for Linux supporting modeling, design and development. Also enabled for Linux are many applicationmanagement disciplines including architecture, change and release, process and portfolio, and quality management. IBM WebSphere* software is enabled for Linux including application and transaction infrastructure, application transformation, business integration, commerce and mobile solution support. IBM Information Management and analytics products fully utilize Linux, including database servers and tools, data warehousing, content management, information integration and business intelligence. IBM Lotus* software runs under and in support of Linux including application design and development, email, calendaring, collaboration, instant messaging and Web conferencing, social software and team collaboration. IBM Tivoli* products running on Linux provide the management support necessary to make full use of the OS and its ecosystem. Support is provided for management disciplines in the areas of security, server, network and device management. Servicemanagement products are a big part of the IBM Tivoli portfolio and they run on Linux as well. With this support from IBM, you can develop, run and support just about any application on Linux tapping into the quality and reliability of IBM software that reflects a long history of innovative development (see Table 1, page 13). open-Source middleware Software It's straightforward to tell the story of traditional fee-licensed

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What Can Linux on z Systems Do For You?: The IBM z13 boasts features that bring out the best in the enterprise-grade combo
From Novelty to Powerhouse: How Linux on z Systems has become a go-to solution for businesses
Stacked: Plentiful middleware options
A Clustered Support System: IBM delivers the flexibility and data availability of Spectrum Scale to Linux on z Systems
Software Options Abound: BI, application development and collaboration are all supported on the OS

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - May/June 2015 Linux on z Systems E-book