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EDITOR'S DESK PHOTOGRAPHY BY KRISTIE ENGEBRETSON ANDERSON Optimistic Future I am on the bubble between the millennial generation and Generation X. I feel neither is an accurate representation of who I am, yet I af´Čüliate to some degree with both generations. I haven't always had 24-7 access to technology, but I was young enough to embrace it and the social nature of communication. Despite growing up in changing times, both technologically and economically, I have a sense of optimism for the future. That optimism is something today's young mainframers appear to have as well. CONTRIBUTORS R Lorenzo Petrantoni Period pieces Lorenzo Petrantoni, illustrator for the feature on page 30, went to school in Milan and, after working in France as an art director, returned to focus on illustrations. His work combines his love of graphic design and fascination for the 19th century. Using images from textbooks and dictionaries from that period, Petrantoni creates unique illustrations that focus on words, events and characters that might otherwise be forgotten. 6 // MAY/JUNE 2015 24. On page 30, Mike Fulton, CTO, IBM DevOps for Enterprise Systems, talks about how IBM is making the mainframe accessible to new developers with modern tools. Also inside, we take a deeper look at the z13. In Currents on page 11, read about the total cost of ownership for a z13 cloud versus an x86 or public cloud. The Tech Corner explains how a new microprocessor chip improves throughput and analytic performance. Read about it on page 42. With a young generation eager to forge ahead with the mainframe along with various groups and community aimed at millennials on the mainframe, I think my optimism is well placed. Valerie Dennis // Managing Editor Christopher Poulin Renaissance geek IBM X-Force Security Research Strategist Christopher Poulin, interviewed on page 33, can't curb his entrepreneurial spirit. A passionate oenophile, he created a socialnetworking site for wine drinkers after selling the Internet security company he founded. Now he balances his time in front of a computer by engaging his other senses through gardening, cooking, yoga, woodworking, home improvement and building Internet of Things things. PHOTO COURTESY OF LORENZO PETRANTONI Ross Mauri, general manager, IBM z Systems*, sees the same from millennials he meets. He says taking advantage of all that is possible with the IBM z13* mainframe requires a new generation of developers. Read more in his IBM Perspective on page 5. Nothing tells the story of the mainframe's future as well as the cover story on page 20. Recent U.S. and Canada Master the Mainframe winner Kevin Matesi knows students are interested in the mainframe. Through his experience in the contest and as a teaching assistant at Northern Illinois University, Matesi could tell students "were taking an interest in the mainframe. And I tried to spark that interest." Regardless of whether you are new to the platform or have been working on z Systems for years, check out our roundup of groups dedicated to working with the mainframe. Learn about various communities, guides and resources on page

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Table of Contents
IBM Perspective: A mainframe built for Generation Z
Editor's Desk: Optimistic future
Partner PoV: Now is the time for multifactor authentication
Infographic: Myths, exaggerations and uncomfortable truths
Currents: TCO for an IBM z13 cloud is lower than an x86 or public cloud, according to an IBM study
R&D: IBM Research is working to better diagnose osteoporosis -- and make computing more economical
Cover Story: Mastering the Mainframe: IBM contest connects millennials to the mainframe and potential employers
Feature: The Millennial Career Guidebook: Six groups and resources to help mainframers starting their careers
Feature: Mainframe Within Reach: IBM provides a rich set of solutions designed to help new mainframe programmers
Tech Showcase: IBM X-Force report reveals challenges and strategies to succeed in the new computing environment
Tech Corner: New IBM z13 chip improves throughput and analytics performance
Solutions: ReACT V4.0; Ivory Service Architect V4.6
Stop Run: Running and fencing keep IBMer active
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
2015 Mainframe Solutions Edition Product Index
Linux on z E-book

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - May/June 2015