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IBM PERSPECTIVE A Mainframe Built for Generation Z A The z13 system has the capabilities to meet the new demands of the digital economy. With the world's fastest microprocessor, it can handle a mind-boggling 2.5 billion transactions a day and perform analytics simultaneously, allowing organizations to reduce fraud and personalize offerings during the transaction process. To take advantage of these capabilities, though, we also need a new generation of developers. As with any computer system or platform, the z13 platform is only as good as the developers behind it. That's why I've been encouraged recently by several positive developments within the mainframe community. From a systems standpoint, the mainframe is more open than ever to new software platforms and tools. We've been running Linux* on z Systems* for more than a decade. The z13 mainframe not only runs Java* 8, but the performance is off the charts. And to go along with our support of Java, we have Bluemix* and IBM MobileFirst* technology on the z13 platform as well. The world's most advanced and secure computing system can now be put to work in more ways by more developers. Along with connecting the mainframe to more tools and platforms, we're introducing the mainframe to aspiring devel- PHOTOGRAPHY BY BILL BERNSTEIN s we developed the IBM z13* mainframe, we clearly had the mobile generation in mind. We saw a set of consumers who have grown up with smartphones. We recognized a new set of marketplace demands where these users expected to interact with businesses anywhere, anytime. opers. Just this March at IBM's Poughkeepsie site, we hosted the Master the Mainframe winners from the U.S., Canada and South America. The competition engages high school and college students to complete a series of programming challenges on the mainframe. In its 10th year, the Master the Mainframe contest has reached more than 70,000 students worldwide. Next year, we'll host our second set of World Champions, crowning winners at a global level. These contestants are ROSS MAURI, General Manager, IBM z Systems gaining valuable skills in high demand by IBM and many other companies. It's safe to say the winners will have little trouble finding career opportunities. We're also attracting these students to the mainframe when they complete their studies. During the launch of the z13 system, I had the pleasure of meeting three IBM millennials- Michael Lyons, Moses Vaughan and Olga Stulov-who played a role in developing the new mainframe. For these 20-something developers, the mainframe admittedly was not top of mind during their college studies, but as they entered the workforce, it became an extremely attractive technology. "If you think of your PC as the corner store and a server as an apartment building, then the mainframe is the Empire State Building in terms of what it can do," Vaughan says. "We're able to solve problems with the mainframe on a scale that no other system can match." As we bring the z13 servers to market, we need more developers like Vaughan who see the possibilities in the mainframe. We've created the world's most powerful tool for handling the challenges of the digital economy. Now, we need more bright minds to put it to work in innovative new ways. MAY/JUNE 2015 // 5

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Table of Contents
IBM Perspective: A mainframe built for Generation Z
Editor's Desk: Optimistic future
Partner PoV: Now is the time for multifactor authentication
Infographic: Myths, exaggerations and uncomfortable truths
Currents: TCO for an IBM z13 cloud is lower than an x86 or public cloud, according to an IBM study
R&D: IBM Research is working to better diagnose osteoporosis -- and make computing more economical
Cover Story: Mastering the Mainframe: IBM contest connects millennials to the mainframe and potential employers
Feature: The Millennial Career Guidebook: Six groups and resources to help mainframers starting their careers
Feature: Mainframe Within Reach: IBM provides a rich set of solutions designed to help new mainframe programmers
Tech Showcase: IBM X-Force report reveals challenges and strategies to succeed in the new computing environment
Tech Corner: New IBM z13 chip improves throughput and analytics performance
Solutions: ReACT V4.0; Ivory Service Architect V4.6
Stop Run: Running and fencing keep IBMer active
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
2015 Mainframe Solutions Edition Product Index
Linux on z E-book

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - May/June 2015