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Richard Tran runs the Brazen New Year's Eve Half Marathon in December 2014. He's a three-time Brazen Streaker- someone who participates in all of the Brazen races during the calendar year. An Enduring Athlete Running and fencing keep IBMer active Valerie Dennis is managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition. any runners have a goal or race in mind, often a certain distance or destination. Looking for a new challenge mentally and physically, runner Richard Tran took part in his first 100K ultramarathon in February. A cross-country runner in high school, Tran picked up running again in 2010 after sampling local cuisines while traveling for work led to weight gain. He found running to be a good way to counteract this and see new places. "I really enjoy running out on the trails with all the great views and terrain available," says Tran, development lead, IBM. M 48 // MAY/JUNE 2015 On an autumn day in Konigstein, Germany, Tran found himself on a wide trail that cut straight through a dense forest. He says the trail was completely covered in bright red, orange and yellow foliage. "I had reached a bit of a dip in the trail and from that angle it looked like the trail stretched out into the horizon both in front and behind you," he explains. "It was a very surreal experience." Tran also enjoys the race atmosphere. "Races have become social gatherings and there are a lot of different types of races out there for people who want to try something new," he notes. Since he started racing, Tran has also completed two 12-hour PHOTO COURTESY OF RICHARD TRAN STOP RUN races, one 50K, five marathons, one 30K, 53 half marathons, 16 10Ks and 11 5Ks. His longest run to date is 42 miles, and he runs around 15 miles a week, ramping up to 40 miles a week when training for an endurance race. Tran tries to take part in a few endurance events a year. Last fall, he participated in the Tahoe Triple Marathon-three marathons in three days-looping around Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada. Other memorable events include the 2012 Ragnar Relay where he was one of 12 runners in a group that took turns running from San Francisco to Napa Valley in California through the night, and his first ultramarathon, the Brazen Racing Diablo 50K at Mount Diablo in California in 2013. In addition to running, Tran fences competitively, something he started in college. He attributes the movie "The Princess Bride"- "which had one of the greatest sword fight scenes," he notes-as to part of why he joined the team. He qualified for the USA Fencing National Championships last year but missed them due to a canceled airplane flight. Tran enjoys an active, competitive lifestyle because it keeps him grounded. "There will be competitions where I do really well and ones where I don't. I've learned to quickly move past the minor setbacks and focus on the next event," he recalls. "I hope that ability to bounce back and to keep moving forward has translated into other aspects of both my work and personal life."

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Table of Contents
IBM Perspective: A mainframe built for Generation Z
Editor's Desk: Optimistic future
Partner PoV: Now is the time for multifactor authentication
Infographic: Myths, exaggerations and uncomfortable truths
Currents: TCO for an IBM z13 cloud is lower than an x86 or public cloud, according to an IBM study
R&D: IBM Research is working to better diagnose osteoporosis -- and make computing more economical
Cover Story: Mastering the Mainframe: IBM contest connects millennials to the mainframe and potential employers
Feature: The Millennial Career Guidebook: Six groups and resources to help mainframers starting their careers
Feature: Mainframe Within Reach: IBM provides a rich set of solutions designed to help new mainframe programmers
Tech Showcase: IBM X-Force report reveals challenges and strategies to succeed in the new computing environment
Tech Corner: New IBM z13 chip improves throughput and analytics performance
Solutions: ReACT V4.0; Ivory Service Architect V4.6
Stop Run: Running and fencing keep IBMer active
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
2015 Mainframe Solutions Edition Product Index
Linux on z E-book

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - May/June 2015