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Illustration by Benoit Challand ReACT V4.0 Ivory Service Architect V4.6 ASPG GT Software ASPG has released version 4.0 of ReACT, a self-service password reset and synchronization software tool for helpdesk installations that allows users to reset their own password and automatically propagates the new one throughout all relevant systems and servers. Updates include: GT Software releases version 4.6 of Ivory Service Architect, the flagship of the Ivory Suite. Ivory Service Architect allows users to easily extend access to mainframe applications, data and processes through Web services. Updates include: s s s s s s s 4HE OPTION FOR THE HELPDESK TO IMPLEMENT automatic enrollment by pre-populating the ReACT database, which results in increased adoption rates throughout the organization 4HE IMPLEMENTATION OF A 3IMPLE /BJECT !CCESS Protocol interface, allowing for a quick and simple configuration experience for your system and network administrators 5PDATES TO THE HELPDESK PORTAL TO MONITOR REALTIME activity, observe trending pain points among the end users and run multiple insightful reports 4HE CAPABILITY TO LOCK AND UNLOCK SPECIFIC 2E!#4 IDs and set multiple parameters for automatic unlocking of the account ! RESPONSIVE DESIGN FOR ACCESSIBILITY ACROSS ALL /3S and devices and an intuitive interface for end users 3UPPORT FOR FIVE ADDITIONAL LANGUAGES AND dynamic passwords s s s s )-3 4- PROVIDING THE INDUSTRYÇS ONLY SUPPORT FOR MULTIPLE SEGMENT output message support and variable length output message support 3UPPORT FOR MODERN DATA TYPES ÈIE IMAGES VIDEO AND OTHER BINARY FORMATSÉ VIA THE -ESSAGE 4RANSMISSION /PTIMIZATION -ECHANISM 0ROTECTION OF COMPANY ASSETS WITH -ICROSOFT 4EAM &OUNDATION 3ERVER source control integration )MPROVED PERFORMANCE VIA A NATIVE " BIT )VORY 3TUDIO !DDITIONAL UPGRADES TO SUPPORT ENHANCED ENTERPRISE SCALABILITY performance and security R OS SUPPORT: Z/3 " OR LATER Z63%  OR LATER R PRICE: Variable R URL: R OS SUPPORT: !LL SUPPORTED VERSIONS OF Z/3 ,INUX !)8 5.)8 AND )"- I R PRICE: Variable R URL: ADVERTISER INDEX PAGE C3 IBM EDGE2015 // Advanced Software Products Group // 14 Innovation Data Processing // C4 BMC Webinar // 19 Luminex // 29 Brandon Systems // 4 Micro Focus // 27 MVS Solutions // 1 Relational Architects International // 46 ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Mari Adamson-Bray (612) 336-9241 3 SHARE // CONTACT THE SALES TEAM ColeSoft Marketing Inc. // Compuware // CorreLog Inc. // 13 7 40, 43 Data Vantage // 34 Software Diversified Services // 38 DTS Software Inc. // C2 Treehouse Software Inc. // 28 Vanguard Integrity Professionals // 36 HostBridge // 17 Xbridge // ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST AND CANADA +ATHY )NGULSRUD s È"É #$! 15 Fischer International Systems Corp. // ASSOCIATE SALES MANAGER, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST AND ASIA-PACIFIC ,ISA +ILWEIN s È"É  $ 45 ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, MIDWEST AND EUROPE $ARRYL 2OWELL s È"É #$ MAY/JUNE 2015 // 47

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - May/June 2015

Table of Contents
IBM Perspective: A mainframe built for Generation Z
Editor's Desk: Optimistic future
Partner PoV: Now is the time for multifactor authentication
Infographic: Myths, exaggerations and uncomfortable truths
Currents: TCO for an IBM z13 cloud is lower than an x86 or public cloud, according to an IBM study
R&D: IBM Research is working to better diagnose osteoporosis -- and make computing more economical
Cover Story: Mastering the Mainframe: IBM contest connects millennials to the mainframe and potential employers
Feature: The Millennial Career Guidebook: Six groups and resources to help mainframers starting their careers
Feature: Mainframe Within Reach: IBM provides a rich set of solutions designed to help new mainframe programmers
Tech Showcase: IBM X-Force report reveals challenges and strategies to succeed in the new computing environment
Tech Corner: New IBM z13 chip improves throughput and analytics performance
Solutions: ReACT V4.0; Ivory Service Architect V4.6
Stop Run: Running and fencing keep IBMer active
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
2015 Mainframe Solutions Edition Product Index
Linux on z E-book

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - May/June 2015