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IBM PERSPECTIVE Move at the Speed of z W You likely have never heard anyone say these things and you probably never will. In our world, time has become our scarcest resource. Consumers expect prompt responses and fast transactions. Businesses demand instant analysis and real-time reactions. Everyone wants this speed and access anywhere, anytime from any device. As we developed the IBM z13* mainframe, we kept the resource of time front and center. We wanted to create a mainframe that offered a compelling value proposition for the mobile age. In terms of pure performance measurements, the z13 is one of the most sophisticated computer systems ever built. It features the world's fastest microprocessor (2X times faster than the most common server processors). It also has 300 percent more memory and 100 percent more bandwidth than our previous generation mainframe. These new capabilities lead to tangible business results. Compared to competitive alternatives, the z13 uses up to 90 percent less floor space, 80 percent less energy and 70 percent fewer labor costs. The most important measurement, though, may be the time it saves. The z13 is built for speed in a mobile world where data requests and processes quickly add up. For example, let's take a customer searching for an airline PHOTOGRAPHY BY BILL BERNSTEIN hen is the last time you heard someone say, "I wish this app on my smartphone worked a little bit slower?" Can you recall your manager at work telling you, "Let's delay this project a few weeks so you have more time to prepare?" ticket on a smartphone. That single request can trigger up to 100 additional system interactions, ranging from checks on schedules and pricing to considerations for seating preferences and alternative airports. The customer doesn't realize these interactions are taking place; they just want the right ticket at the right price for their traveling needs. The z13 can handle these requests and cascading processes better than any other system. In fact, the z13 can process 2.5 billion transactions per day-the equivalent of 100 Cyber Mondays. The z13 also can deliver realtime insights for the company selling the product. It's the first mainframe built with the capabilities to perform analytics and 8 // MARCH/APRIL 2015 ROSS MAURI, General Manager, IBM z Systems transactions together, opening new possibilities to better serve customers and significantly improve fraud detection. When a customer is getting ready to make a purchase, for example, the business can use these analytic capabilities to offer additional products tailored to the needs of that specific customer. They also can run real-time checks to ensure the transaction is legitimate. In addition, organizations can save time and money by not having to off-load data from the mainframe to perform these analytics. The cost of moving 1 TB of data daily off z Systems* to another system to perform analytics can cost more than $10 million over a four-year period. The cost of moving data, though, is just a small part of the value delivered by z13. The greater value is providing companies with these real-time insights so they can take informed actions more quickly, giving them a decisive advantage over competitors. Ultimately, this competitive advantage is what we believe will lead organizations to adopt the z13. They'll welcome the savings on space, energy and labor. But the bigger payoff will be a faster, more nimble organization ready for anything the mobile consumer brings their way.

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Editor's Desk: Transforming today
IBM Perspective: Move at the speed of z
SHARE Outlook: Celebrating 60 years of people and enterprise computing
TechBits: A mixed bag for cyber security
Partner PoV: Take advantage of data virtualization to boost business intelligence
Trends: Workload-specific open-source solutions offer flexibility for success
Currents: IBM zEnterprise Systems leads in uptime and reliability, ITIC survey finds
R&D: Bluemix makes it easy to build applications securely and quickly in the cloud
IT Today: Is your infrastructure prepared for cloud, analytics, mobile, security and social?
Cover Story: Transforming IBM Systems: Senior VP Tom Rosamilia leads a technology sea change at IBM
Feature: Finding Insightful Information: IBM offers cost-effective solutions to keep mobile analytics on the mainframe
Feature: Propel Your Cloud Infrastructure: Transformational IBM Spectrum Accelerate brings software-defined high-function storage
Tech Showcase: Today's flexible training options fit time and budget constraints
Administrator: How IBM zHyperWrite improves performance
Solutions: Alignia; Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise; MegaCryption 6.4.1; JES2RSS; zOSEM 6.2; SecureData z/Protect 4.3.0; DR/DFI 4.5
Stop Run: An IBM Distinguished Engineer bonds with his family while visiting US historical sites
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - March/April 2015