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IT TODAY CAMSS Ready Is your infrastructure prepared for cloud, analytics, mobile, security and social? C loud, analytics, mobile, security and social (CAMSS) are hot topics in the IT world. For some time, many corporate executives have been considering how CAMSS should be implemented in their IT strategies to drive strategic advantage in gaining market share while reducing IT spending. Different lines of business (LOBs) continue to formulate their approach but often don't have a clear direction. Additionally, some of these strategies introduce new problems that further complicate an already complex IT infrastructure, making CAMSS more dif´Čücult to implement as well as inadvertently driving up IT costs. Craig Bender is the director of IBM Worldwide IT Economics and an Eagle practice leader. For example, in the previous decade when a consumer wanted to book a flight, he or she went to a travel agent. The agent looked at five flight options. One flight was chosen and the agent made the booking. Now with search 24 // MARCH/APRIL 2015 engines available to every consumer, thousands of flights are looked at and no flight is booked. Each of these "looks" generates a transaction that consumes enormous IT resources including mid-tier and back-end servers, networks, storage and power. The look-to-book ratios are very large, which means a lot of IT resources are required and very little new revenue is generated. Similar examples occur in online banking, package tracking and

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Transforming today
IBM Perspective: Move at the speed of z
SHARE Outlook: Celebrating 60 years of people and enterprise computing
TechBits: A mixed bag for cyber security
Partner PoV: Take advantage of data virtualization to boost business intelligence
Trends: Workload-specific open-source solutions offer flexibility for success
Currents: IBM zEnterprise Systems leads in uptime and reliability, ITIC survey finds
R&D: Bluemix makes it easy to build applications securely and quickly in the cloud
IT Today: Is your infrastructure prepared for cloud, analytics, mobile, security and social?
Cover Story: Transforming IBM Systems: Senior VP Tom Rosamilia leads a technology sea change at IBM
Feature: Finding Insightful Information: IBM offers cost-effective solutions to keep mobile analytics on the mainframe
Feature: Propel Your Cloud Infrastructure: Transformational IBM Spectrum Accelerate brings software-defined high-function storage
Tech Showcase: Today's flexible training options fit time and budget constraints
Administrator: How IBM zHyperWrite improves performance
Solutions: Alignia; Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise; MegaCryption 6.4.1; JES2RSS; zOSEM 6.2; SecureData z/Protect 4.3.0; DR/DFI 4.5
Stop Run: An IBM Distinguished Engineer bonds with his family while visiting US historical sites
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - March/April 2015