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PARTNER PoV UNIFY DATA for Next-Generation Initiatives Take advantage of data virtualization to boost business intelligence C an true business intelligence exist without a comprehensive, enterprisewide view of all data? Yes, if you don't mind making decisions on partial information. Yet that can be just as risky as making decisions on inaccurate or outdated data. Adam Redd is vice president of development for GT Software. It's only when the enterprise can utilize its data in real time regardless of format, location and structure that it can accurately assess, measure and transform it into intelligence for competitive advantage. The challenge lies in gaining that comprehensive, real-time view. For many organizations, data varies significantly in location and structure. Locations may include mainframe, an on-premises server or cloud storage. Structures may be 14 // MARCH/APRIL 2015 differing relational schemas or a complex variety of NoSQL formats. These differences in location and structure mean that valuable data resides in multiple locations without a means to effectively integrate and leverage it for development, reporting and innovation-and the situation is compounded by the rapid rate at which data changes in the big data era. The solution is to not only unify data in a virtual location independent of technology, but to also create a flexible data environment where applications can interact and update dynamic data in real time. This creates a data engine primed to scale for future company needs. Why Data Virtualization Matters Unifying data by way of a virtual environment-where dependence on native devices and applications is no longer an issue-prepares organizations to

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Transforming today
IBM Perspective: Move at the speed of z
SHARE Outlook: Celebrating 60 years of people and enterprise computing
TechBits: A mixed bag for cyber security
Partner PoV: Take advantage of data virtualization to boost business intelligence
Trends: Workload-specific open-source solutions offer flexibility for success
Currents: IBM zEnterprise Systems leads in uptime and reliability, ITIC survey finds
R&D: Bluemix makes it easy to build applications securely and quickly in the cloud
IT Today: Is your infrastructure prepared for cloud, analytics, mobile, security and social?
Cover Story: Transforming IBM Systems: Senior VP Tom Rosamilia leads a technology sea change at IBM
Feature: Finding Insightful Information: IBM offers cost-effective solutions to keep mobile analytics on the mainframe
Feature: Propel Your Cloud Infrastructure: Transformational IBM Spectrum Accelerate brings software-defined high-function storage
Tech Showcase: Today's flexible training options fit time and budget constraints
Administrator: How IBM zHyperWrite improves performance
Solutions: Alignia; Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise; MegaCryption 6.4.1; JES2RSS; zOSEM 6.2; SecureData z/Protect 4.3.0; DR/DFI 4.5
Stop Run: An IBM Distinguished Engineer bonds with his family while visiting US historical sites
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - March/April 2015