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Illustration by Sawdust Accelerator for .NET 5.0 Surround Technologies Surround Technologies releases version 5.0 of Accelerator for .NET, its productivity solution for the development and use of desktop, browser and mobile .NET software applications. Updates include: s s s s .EW DEVELOPER TOOLS TO FURTHER open the generation process .EW USER ENVIRONMENTS TO EASE THE creation of relationships and joins throughout the generation process !N IMPROVED CODE ENHANCER THAT quickly identifies changes as the database changes, letting developers instantly integrate these changes into the code 4HE CAPABILITY TO SAVE MULTIPLE Launchpad configurations and support additional data providers R OS SUPPORT: All current versions of z/OS*, IBM i, i5/OS*, OS/400*, Windows* R PRICE: $3,500 per developer R URL: ADVERTISER INDEX TASKLIB+ and Launch Express Express Entry Global Address Verification Relational Architects International Melissa Data TASKLIB+ and Launch Express together offer a transparent REPLACEMENT FOR THE #! 43/0,53 product, whose service and life HAVE ENDED &EATURES INCLUDE& Melissa Data releases a global address verification enhancement to Express Entry, its address autocompletion tool designed to eliminate bad data at its source. By integrating global address verification, Express Entry will enable accurate international customer data throughout the enterprise by: s s s s s ! COMPLETE SOLUTION and methodology for managing Interactive 3YSTEM 0RODUCTIVITY &ACILITY applications and the dialog libraries they require, including load libraries ! SINGLE SIMPLE ,/'/. procedure for all users &ULL SUPPORT OF #!ÇS /N Demand Application feature )MPLEMENTATION OF THE STEPLIBX facility R OS SUPPORT: All current versions of z/OS* R PRICE: 6ARIABLE R URL: PAGE s s s 6ALIDATING AND CLEANSING INTERNATIONAL ADDRESSES in real time for more than 240 countries and territories around the world #ORRECTING AND STANDARDIZING ADDRESSES INTO THE official postal format of each geographic locale, adding missing components such as postal codes or region 5SING THE TYPEAHEAD FEATURE TO COMPLETE a query with a verified address when a user begins typing an address into a search bar 3UPPORTING CUSTOMER ADDRESS DATA IN ANY 54&$ language with its transliteration feature that works with many character sets and enables output displayed in native or Latin characters R OS SUPPORT: Platform agnostic R PRICE: 6ARIABLE R URL: PAGE 21st Century Software // 31 Hostbridge Technology // 29 Advanced Software Products Group // 31 IBM EDGE2015 // 5 BMC Software // C3 ISPW // C1 Brandon Systems // 4 Innovation Data Processing // C4, 27 ColeSoft Marketing Inc. // 35 MVS Solutions // 1 Compuware // 7 Relational Architects International // 3 CorreLog // 30 SUSE // 9 DTS Software Inc. // C2 SHARE // 39 Data Vantage // 15, 29 Software Diversified Services // 17 Vanguard Integrity Professionals // 19 Fischer International Systems Corp // 31 38 // JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 CONTACT THE SALES TEAM ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Mari Adamson-Bray (612) 336-9241 ASSOCIATE SALES MANAGER, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST AND ASIA-PACIFIC ,ISA +ILWEIN s È"É  $ ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST AND CANADA +ATHY )NGULSRUD s È"É #$! ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, MIDWEST AND EUROPE $ARRYL 2OWELL s È"É #$

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2015

Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: A new mainframe
IBM Perspective: Embracing mobile with z13
Partner PoV: Align existing competencies with intuitive best practices
Focus on Storage: IBM System Storage DS8870 delivers workload efficiency as the amount of information increases
Currents: Small changes in recent z/OS releases can result in big improvements
Case Study: A Sky-High Education: Marist College uses the cloud to offer massive open online courses
Cover Story: Game Changer: New z13 is optimized for mainframe clients' mobile, analytics and cloud needs
HotTECH Products
Feature: A Clustered Support System: IBM delivers the flexibility and data availability of Elastic Storage to Linux on System z
Tech Corner: Using the data availability function makes sense for some environments
Solutions: Accelerator for.NET 5.0; TASKLIB+ and Launch Express; Express Entry Global Address Verification
Stop Run: A Lego version of the zEnterprise 114 is transformed into a working 'mainframe' model
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2015