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CURRENTS ENHANCE Your Expertise Small changes in recent z/OS releases can result in big improvements W hy do only some release enhancements get splashy attention when other, smaller items are just as fabulous? I've found many functions over the past several z/OS* releases that system programmers may not have realized were there. In fact, many of these items were the result of customer requirements, making their delivery even more important. Marna Walle is a senior technical staff member in the z/OS Build and Installation organization in the IBM Systems and Technology Group. Many of these enhancements are on releases your enterprise may already be running. They're easy to implement, meaning that you can take advantage of them right away. z/OS V2.1 Dynamic SYSDSN ENQ downgrade: This is the capability to allow a SYSDSN enqueue downgrade for batch jobs when 16 // JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 appropriate. When a step has completed in the batch job and all of the subsequent steps of the job only need an exclusively held data set as a shared enqueue, the enqueue can be downgraded. This allows other jobs that may need the data set with a shared enqueue the possibility to execute. Better batch parallelism could result. Parallel batch recall: Prior to z/OS V2.1, any migrated data sets were recalled serially at the job step level. As of this version, you have the option of indicating whether to recall all migrated data sets in the job step in parallel. Doing so reduces the delay for other jobs to use that initiator and may allow for better parallelism of batch execution. TCP/IP profile syntax check: Checking the syntax of profile configuration steps could be

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: A new mainframe
IBM Perspective: Embracing mobile with z13
Partner PoV: Align existing competencies with intuitive best practices
Focus on Storage: IBM System Storage DS8870 delivers workload efficiency as the amount of information increases
Currents: Small changes in recent z/OS releases can result in big improvements
Case Study: A Sky-High Education: Marist College uses the cloud to offer massive open online courses
Cover Story: Game Changer: New z13 is optimized for mainframe clients' mobile, analytics and cloud needs
HotTECH Products
Feature: A Clustered Support System: IBM delivers the flexibility and data availability of Elastic Storage to Linux on System z
Tech Corner: Using the data availability function makes sense for some environments
Solutions: Accelerator for.NET 5.0; TASKLIB+ and Launch Express; Express Entry Global Address Verification
Stop Run: A Lego version of the zEnterprise 114 is transformed into a working 'mainframe' model
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2015