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FOCUS ON STORAGE The DATA Demand IBM System Storage DS8870 delivers workload ef´Čüciency as the amount of information increases N ot too long ago, storage was used for only one purpose. Companies would back up their data to tape or disk largely to keep a historical record, using it to refer to past transactions and gaining little immediately actionable insight from it. Jim Utsler is a senior writer for IBM Systems Magazine and has been covering technology for more than 20 years. But as the world has changed- with data often needed in nearreal time-so too has the purpose of storage. This is especially true now that data moves fast and furiously in volumes that were previously unimaginable. Rather than being seen as an afterthought, data storage has become as essential as server functionality. Financial institutions, for example, need rapid-and automated-access to vast amounts of data to spot potential fraud and stop it before it happens. That's why IBM has been so deliberate and cooperative across business lines-servers and storage, in this case-to ensure that data storage is as seamless as possible, leveraging both 12 // JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 mainframe and storage-device capabilities to create what could be considered a single enterprise-data entity. This became readily apparent when IBM announced its DS8000* line of System Storage* devices, the latest variation of which, the DS8870, is even more in-line in terms of the host/storage stack. Clients can now take advantage of a near-symbiotic relationship between the IBM System z* platform and DS8870 storage technology, knowing that no other storage complements the mainframe as well. The Data Asset About 80 percent of corporate data is said to reside or originate on the mainframe. This is significant as organizations process more data than before thanks to new data sources and new data types. "Our clients are having to deal with massive amounts of growth in data on a daily basis and then trying to figure out how to use that data to derive better business value. So this is really a matter of addressing both the volume of data and how to turn that into a useful business asset," remarks Brian Sherman, distinguished engineer, IBM's North American Storage Solutions Team. In the past, data was typically offloaded to another platform against which analytics could be run. But the data-extraction and mining process was cumbersome and time-consuming. What they needed was a quick-store, quick-

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: A new mainframe
IBM Perspective: Embracing mobile with z13
Partner PoV: Align existing competencies with intuitive best practices
Focus on Storage: IBM System Storage DS8870 delivers workload efficiency as the amount of information increases
Currents: Small changes in recent z/OS releases can result in big improvements
Case Study: A Sky-High Education: Marist College uses the cloud to offer massive open online courses
Cover Story: Game Changer: New z13 is optimized for mainframe clients' mobile, analytics and cloud needs
HotTECH Products
Feature: A Clustered Support System: IBM delivers the flexibility and data availability of Elastic Storage to Linux on System z
Tech Corner: Using the data availability function makes sense for some environments
Solutions: Accelerator for.NET 5.0; TASKLIB+ and Launch Express; Express Entry Global Address Verification
Stop Run: A Lego version of the zEnterprise 114 is transformed into a working 'mainframe' model
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2015