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PARTNER PoV ENCRYPTION Is Key to Security Align existing competencies with intuitive best practices A ttackers are browsing through your data right now-will they find your secrets? Whether the attacker is a clever hacker in cyberspace or a nosy systems programmer in a cubicle beside you, the threat is ongoing and the costs of a data breach are layered across a spectrum of heartburn-evoking remediation tasks. Greg Thomason is a product manager and support specialist at ASPG. The ancient technology of cryptography can be an effective tool for hiding the secrets in your data from intrusive people and programs. Simply put, encryption hides your secrets in plain sight. You say some cyberhooligan copied your database? Take comfort, the stolen data is hooligan-proof when the secrets in your database are encrypted. 10 // JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 The complexities implemented in modern cryptographic systems are designed to complement your existing data center operations. Deploying an effective cryptography solution doesn't require you to become an encryption expert. Project managers and security administrators can avoid implementation weaknesses by considering a few commonsense guidelines for protecting the important functions of your solution. Security Needs Increase Your data center is likely mandated to protect financial and personal identification secrets. Additionally, businesses and

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2015

Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: A new mainframe
IBM Perspective: Embracing mobile with z13
Partner PoV: Align existing competencies with intuitive best practices
Focus on Storage: IBM System Storage DS8870 delivers workload efficiency as the amount of information increases
Currents: Small changes in recent z/OS releases can result in big improvements
Case Study: A Sky-High Education: Marist College uses the cloud to offer massive open online courses
Cover Story: Game Changer: New z13 is optimized for mainframe clients' mobile, analytics and cloud needs
HotTECH Products
Feature: A Clustered Support System: IBM delivers the flexibility and data availability of Elastic Storage to Linux on System z
Tech Corner: Using the data availability function makes sense for some environments
Solutions: Accelerator for.NET 5.0; TASKLIB+ and Launch Express; Express Entry Global Address Verification
Stop Run: A Lego version of the zEnterprise 114 is transformed into a working 'mainframe' model
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2015