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IBM PERSPECTIVE Ensuring a Faster Response D With insights into their data, enterprises can gain a competitive advantage. In fact, organizations applying analytics are two times more likely to outperform their peers. As a reinsurance company, Swiss Re helps reduce claim volatility and the impact those claims have in the event of a natural catastrophe. When one does happen, Swiss Re puts its expertise and knowledge to good use helping companies and governments rebuild lives and create more resilient cities. Analyzing risk is core to Swiss Re's success, but gaining insights from billions of transaction records can take days or weeks with traditional methods. To stay competitive and get the best results, Swiss Re needed a more powerful solution. The challenge of storing current and historical claims data for up to 30 years puts significant demands on the company's IT infrastructure. Following the acquisition of GE Insurance Solutions, Swiss Re had to expand the amount of data on its mainframe to support analysis, creating a need to increase system capacity and availability while keeping IT costs flat. To manage more than 40 TB of operational data, Swiss Re deployed a workload management solution on the IBM PHOTOGRAPHY BY MATT CARR ata as a natural resource will power the 21st century. The massive explosion of unstructured data from places like social media, streaming, blogs and the Web bring new opportunities to organizations of all sizes. What if businesses could have the insights they need now from data they already have? That's what big data and analytics is all about. zEnterprise* System based on IBM DB2* for z/OS* to process all data loads from a central location. The solution uses the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator as a high-performance appliance add-on to transparently deliver dramatically faster responses to individual queries. Swiss Re deployed this solution to speed report generation by 70 percent-from days to less than an hour. The mainframe provides a consolidated view of all of the company's claims. This, along with the timely analytical queries, gives business users across all lines of business insights to make better decisions. Consider Superstorm Sandy- with insured losses estimated at 8 // NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 ROSS MAURI, General Manager, IBM System z about $19 billion, economic losses were estimated to be more than three times that at $70 billion. Swiss Re was commissioned to conduct its Economics of Climate Adaptation analysis for New York. Using its own models, Swiss Re provided the city with a detailed report that recommended how to rebuild, as well as projected economic losses and how to prevent those similar losses in the future. Swiss Re has turned to IBM technology and data analytics to educate insurers on the possible risks and outcomes they face when rebuilding after a catastrophe. The company understands that its accumulated data, gathered over more than 150 years, is one of its greatest resources. The key is being able to take that historical data-on the order of 3 PB-digest it, manipulate it and use it as a model to help prevent future losses when faced with a similar event. The accuracy of these models is paramount in the education of insurers, cities and private builders on the risks and outcomes they face when rebuilding after a catastrophe. Learn more about Swiss Re's story and others by subscribing to the "IBM Mainframe50: Engines of Progress" series on YouTube (

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IBM Perspective: Ensuring a faster response
Partner PoV: Through enablement and transformation, System z offers delivery and support
Cover Story: The Big Return on Big Data: Transforming data into informative insights increases its value
Feature: The Analytics Advantage: Accelerate analytics with IBM's self-managing hybrid database management system
Feature: A Customer Focus: In real-time scoring with an IBM solution, data is processed in milliseconds, offering quick service to customers
Tech Showcase: Why modernizing makes good business sense
Tech Corner: No matter where your data resides, get the most out of it with System z
Solutions: VNAC; Control-M Workload Change Manager
Stop Run: Ukrainian-born mainframer feels at home in the U.S.
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2014