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Illustration by Craig Ward VNAC Software Diversified Services Software Diversified Services releases VitalSigns for Network Automation Control (VNAC), a highperformance and low-cost tool for z/OS* system management, control and automation. This completes the integration of VNAC with VitalSigns for IP (VIP), the comprehensive performance monitor for IP and Enterprise Extender networks on z/OS. Features include: s s s s s #ONSOLIDATING Z/3 SYSTEM LOGS AND AUTOMATING command and control of system executables 7ATCHING AND REPORTING ON CONSOLE MESSAGES across entire networks and sysplexes 2ESPONDING TO SPECIFIC CONSOLE MESSAGES OR 6)0 MONITORING ALERTS BY TRIGGERING 2%88 EXECS to restart applications or reroute critical traffic 0ROVIDING A ROBUST 2%88 ENVIRONMENT WITH many built-in commands and the capability TO ADOPT 2%88 CODE ORIGINALLY WRITTEN FOR IBM NetView* ! BROWSER INTERFACE THAT RECOGNIZES CRYPTIC codes in IBM messages and provides direct Internet links to IBM documentation where the codes are explained BMC Software "-# 3OFTWARE RELEASES #ONTROL - 7ORKLOAD #HANGE -ANAGER ITS NEW collaboration console that enables development teams to design batch workflows that are easy for operations staff to implement. The solution: s s s s 0ROVIDES DEVELOPMENT TEAMS WITH A SIMPLE DRAG AND DROP INTERFACE TO easily define jobs and create or change workflows )MPROVES EFFICIENCY BY UP TO  PERCENT OVER MANUAL PROCESSES 9IELDS FASTER DELIVERY OF APPLICATIONS AND DIGITAL SERVICES ALLOWING businesses to more quickly adapt to market and customer demands %NSURES ALL BATCH WORKFLOWS ADHERE TO SITE STANDARDS HELPING ELIMINATE failures caused by nonstandard naming conventions R OS SUPPORT: !LL CURRENT VERSIONS OF Z/3 ,INUX  AND  !)8  AND ABOVE OTHER 5.)8 7INDOWS  AND  AND )"- I R PRICE: Variable R URL: R OS SUPPORT: All versions of z/OS R PRICE: Variable R URL: ADVERTISER INDEX Control-M Workload Change Manager PAGE PAGE Advanced Software Products Group // 36 IBM Webinar // BMC Software // C3 Innovation Data Processing // C4 BMC Software Webinar // http://ibmsystemsmag. 27 MVS Solutions // 1 Brandon Systems // 4 MVS Solutions Webinar // http://ibmsystemsmag. 23 CA // C2 Relational Architects International // ColeSoft Marketing Inc. // 35 SHARE // 22 7, 30 SUSE // 9 ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Mari Adamson-Bray (612) 336-9241 3 Compuware // 11, 18 CONTACT THE SALES TEAM Data 21 // 19 Treehouse Software // 13 Vanguard Integrity Professionals // 37 DTS Software Inc. // 17 zCost Management // 5 ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST AND CANADA +ATHY )NGULSRUD s È"É #$! 12 Data Vantage // ASSOCIATE SALES MANAGER, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST AND ASIA-PACIFIC ,ISA +ILWEIN s È"É  $ ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, MIDWEST AND EUROPE $ARRYL 2OWELL s È"É #$ NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 // 39

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: A satisfied customer
IBM Perspective: Ensuring a faster response
Partner PoV: Through enablement and transformation, System z offers delivery and support
Cover Story: The Big Return on Big Data: Transforming data into informative insights increases its value
Feature: The Analytics Advantage: Accelerate analytics with IBM's self-managing hybrid database management system
Feature: A Customer Focus: In real-time scoring with an IBM solution, data is processed in milliseconds, offering quick service to customers
Tech Showcase: Why modernizing makes good business sense
Tech Corner: No matter where your data resides, get the most out of it with System z
Solutions: VNAC; Control-M Workload Change Manager
Stop Run: Ukrainian-born mainframer feels at home in the U.S.
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2014