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PARTNER PoV The VALUE of Services Through enablement and transformation, System z offers delivery and support M ainframes have served us for 50 years, supporting business and scientiļ¬c communities. The services the platform has enabled and supported are too numerous to count, and have given us social, economic and psychological value. Bill Miller is president of zSolutions and Select Technologies at BMC Software, which includes product, sales, marketing and customer support groups. What would organizations do without mainframe capabilities? How would our work environments have operated without the mainframe? What would the world look like now and in the future without the benefits of the mainframe? Every organization has a practice of service management, and they manage services or products. Their practice relies on a strategy that supports the markets to which they deliver value in their services. Value must be created by industrializing the back end of their operations and by delivering a product or service that their consumers want. The back-end value chain that consists of people, processes, technology and partners must run efficiently, effectively and economically. Economic value is usually a priority of many organizations and, as such, the cost of the mainframe has always been a concern. The technology 10 // NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 has typically been viewed as a cost instead of a capability for profit. An Enabler for Change The System z* mainframe is a significant business enabler, supporting the process for services that deliver and support outcomes for customers or consumers. In the community's service-management journey, mainframe technology capabilities have supported processes that have helped us

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: A satisfied customer
IBM Perspective: Ensuring a faster response
Partner PoV: Through enablement and transformation, System z offers delivery and support
Cover Story: The Big Return on Big Data: Transforming data into informative insights increases its value
Feature: The Analytics Advantage: Accelerate analytics with IBM's self-managing hybrid database management system
Feature: A Customer Focus: In real-time scoring with an IBM solution, data is processed in milliseconds, offering quick service to customers
Tech Showcase: Why modernizing makes good business sense
Tech Corner: No matter where your data resides, get the most out of it with System z
Solutions: VNAC; Control-M Workload Change Manager
Stop Run: Ukrainian-born mainframer feels at home in the U.S.
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2014