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PHOTOGRAPHY BY KRISTIE ENGEBRETSON ANDERSON EDITOR'S DESK Moving in a Mobile World I see myself as a low-maintenance person who doesn't need a lot to get by. I pride myself on my ability to pack light for trips no matter the climate or length of stay, or make do in a pinch if I forget something. But one thing I can never be without, even if I'm going to the market down the street, is my mobile phone. My phone is my lifeline. Without it, I wouldn't have contact information for anyone, remember my schedule, listen to music or share photos. I bank on my phone and pay for items via mobile gift cards. Before joining IBM Systems Magazine, I didn't realize how big a role the mainframe plays in these types of activities. Increasingly, companies are adopting a mobile platform as part of a long-term strategy. With the IBM MobileFirst portfolio of mobile solutions and Mobile Workload Pricing, the transition to a robust mobile platform is easier for clients. Read about the various options IBM can provide on page 28. In the feature on page 34, learn how z/OS* Connect provides a simple and secure way to act as the go-between for applications and data on z/OS from mobile, cloud and Web applications. And learn how a Brazilian credit union's move to z/VM* resulted in providing cloud services to customers and other companies and reducing energy costs, in the case study on page 24. CONTRIBUTORS Dave Sudlik Accomplishments for all IBM Product Manager Dave Sudlik, author of "Connecting Applications and Data" on page 34, has worked for IBM more than 28 years, mostly in areas of z/OS* and WebSphere* Application Server development. While he has lived by the mantra "work hard, play hard" as an avid climber, kayaker and bicyclist, he is now learning to appreciate the joy of living vicariously through the accomplishments of his children. 6 // SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2014 As mobile and cloud use creates more data, IBM Smarter Storage enables organizations to take control of their data to bring insights and value to the information. Find out how in the Currents article on page 18. Don't miss the 2015 Mainframe Solutions Edition, which is a supplement to this issue. The Solutions Edition features profiles of IBM business partners and the products and services they provide for clients. As I rely even more on my mobile phone for daily tasks, I'm excited to see what uses are developed in the future that I can't even imagine now. Valerie Dennis // Managing Editor Q Jordan Hollender Comfortable cameraman Jordan Hollender, who photographed Jose Castano for the cover art and story, is a born-and-bred New Yorker. He got his start in photography as a sophomore in high school when his grandfather, a World War II photographer, built a darkroom for him. Specializing in portrait photography, he quickly realized that the way to a great shot is making his subjects feel comfortable. He has photographed people of all ages and social standings, from everyday people to the New York Knicks.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September 2014

Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Moving in the mobile world
IBM Perspective: Mobile money thanks to the mainframe
Partner PoV: A clean IT audit does not guarantee network or computer security
Focus on Storage: How Elastic Storage helps remove bottlenecks and lower costs
Currents: IBM Smarter Storage puts businesses in control of their data
Trends: Choosing the best proprietary or open-source applications
Case Study: Cooperative Consolidation: The Credit Union System of Brazil saves millions of dollars by virtualizing on the mainframe
Cover Story: The Mobile Mainframe: System z is a perfect fit for the growing trend
Feature: Connecting Applications and Data: WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect makes business assets accessible to mobile devices
Tech Showcase: How Linux on System z has become a go-to solution for businesses
Administrator: IBM tests show finding the optimal number of n-way processors helps maximize performance
Tech Corner: The new z/OSMF Workflows feature optimizes programming tasks
Solutions: OMC-FLASH 4.7.0; z86VM; Storage Director 4.2
Stop Run: IBMer's passion for engineering puts his house to work
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
2015 Mainframe Solutions Edition

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September 2014