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TECH SHOWCASE From Novelty to Powerhouse How Linux on System z has become a go-to solution for businesses By Shirley S. Savage C hances are you're engaging with Linux* on a daily basis without even realizing it. The OS plays a role in many aspects of your dayto-day life, from ATM transactions to your home office printer to Web services to your Android phone. In just more than two decades, Linux has become the most sought-after open-source OS used by companies worldwide. IBM continues to be a proponent of Linux, a role it adopted in 1999 when it first announced Linux would be available on all platforms, including System z* servers. Since then, the OS has matured from a penguin-logoed novelty to a powerhouse system used by enterprises as well as small and medium businesses. "So who's using Linux? You are," says Bill Reeder, worldwide IT optimization sales leader, System z. Much of the interest in Linux on System z is now being driven by cloud, virtualization and server consolidation, says Bryan Foley, program director, System z Strategy and Linux for System z Business Line Manager. "The ability to consolidate several individual servers onto a single platform is a first step, and customers recognize that Linux on System z is a great place to do that." Organizations can realize cost, security and performance benefits by consolidating to a single platform. One IBM customer consolidated more than 200 x86 processors down to 17 processors on the mainframe, saving on licensing, operational and personnel costs. Another company found consolidating with Linux on System z eliminated many of its technical issues, according to Foley. Smart Move Companies are choosing to run Linux on System z to take advantage of the mainframe's robustness, reliability, security and disaster recovery capabilities. The platform is designed to maintain transactional throughput up to 100 percent of CPU utilization because I/O to disk and network are offloaded from the transactional CPU, which SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2014 // 39

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Moving in the mobile world
IBM Perspective: Mobile money thanks to the mainframe
Partner PoV: A clean IT audit does not guarantee network or computer security
Focus on Storage: How Elastic Storage helps remove bottlenecks and lower costs
Currents: IBM Smarter Storage puts businesses in control of their data
Trends: Choosing the best proprietary or open-source applications
Case Study: Cooperative Consolidation: The Credit Union System of Brazil saves millions of dollars by virtualizing on the mainframe
Cover Story: The Mobile Mainframe: System z is a perfect fit for the growing trend
Feature: Connecting Applications and Data: WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect makes business assets accessible to mobile devices
Tech Showcase: How Linux on System z has become a go-to solution for businesses
Administrator: IBM tests show finding the optimal number of n-way processors helps maximize performance
Tech Corner: The new z/OSMF Workflows feature optimizes programming tasks
Solutions: OMC-FLASH 4.7.0; z86VM; Storage Director 4.2
Stop Run: IBMer's passion for engineering puts his house to work
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September 2014