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TRENDS Open the RIGHT DOOR Choosing the best proprietary or open-source applications I n IT, the definition of an application often depends on your focus or job. Line-ofbusiness (LOB) managers face a tough decision when it comes to application selection. Do they keep a narrow focus on their domain, like manufacturing or order entry, or must they consider an enterprise outlook that takes a broad view of applications including ERP, customer relationship management (CRM), finance, manufacturing and more? Joseph Gulla is the IT leader of Alazar Press, an imprint of Royal Swan Enterprises. Previously, he was an IBM executive IT specialist, ending his 28-year career with the company in 2012. Industry solutions are an important grouping of applications and can maintain support maps and perform location analysis. They're used for records management, governance, security and risk management, workload scheduling and administration- all in support of a specific industry, such as automotive, retail or financial services. Whether LOB managers are narrow or broad in their scope, they'll likely face the additional challenge of using proprietary or open-source solutions. In making the decision, they'll have several items to consider, including solution maturity, cost, available support, skills, integration and fit. LOB managers should ask: ĀÃ +RZÃORQJÃKDVÃWKHÃVRIWZDUHÃ been used and has it been successful? ĀÃ :KDWÃHOHPHQWVÃRIÃWRWDOÃFRVWÃ apply-software, support, maintenance, implementation services, training and others? SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2014 // 21

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Moving in the mobile world
IBM Perspective: Mobile money thanks to the mainframe
Partner PoV: A clean IT audit does not guarantee network or computer security
Focus on Storage: How Elastic Storage helps remove bottlenecks and lower costs
Currents: IBM Smarter Storage puts businesses in control of their data
Trends: Choosing the best proprietary or open-source applications
Case Study: Cooperative Consolidation: The Credit Union System of Brazil saves millions of dollars by virtualizing on the mainframe
Cover Story: The Mobile Mainframe: System z is a perfect fit for the growing trend
Feature: Connecting Applications and Data: WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect makes business assets accessible to mobile devices
Tech Showcase: How Linux on System z has become a go-to solution for businesses
Administrator: IBM tests show finding the optimal number of n-way processors helps maximize performance
Tech Corner: The new z/OSMF Workflows feature optimizes programming tasks
Solutions: OMC-FLASH 4.7.0; z86VM; Storage Director 4.2
Stop Run: IBMer's passion for engineering puts his house to work
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September 2014