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FOCUS ON STORAGE A Software-Defined EVOLUTION How Elastic Storage helps remove bottlenecks and lower costs E nterprises increasingly rely on data and analytics to gain insight on customers and market trends and facilitate business decision-making. This reliance helps businesses flourish yet presents challenges for the data center. Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. In the past, the bulk of the data in the enterprise data center was structured. Now, however, data and analytics require the data center to be agile and adept at managing unstructured workloads or systems of engagement. That's a huge task. In the healthcare industry alone, IBM finds that 80 percent of data being processed is unstructured. Smooth handling of both types of workloads is essential, which can complicate the day-to-day operations of the data center. 14 // SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2014 The sheer volume of data means the ability to store and retrieve data becomes even more critical to operational effectiveness. Just one in five clients employs highly efficient IT infrastructures, according to an IBM Data Center Operational Study. However, containing costs remains a major focus of the C-suite even as data center needs expand. More than 75 percent of chief financial officers say controlling costs and increasing efficiency continue to be major aims, says IBM's CEO, CFO Study. IBM recognizes that the need to keep up with data growth and rein in costs calls for a new approach to storage. Elastic Storage, part of IBM's recently announced software-defined storage offerings, is helping enterprises remove storage bottlenecks and reduce storage costs. Elasticity Is Key Elastic Storage is a softwaredefined storage technology that builds on IBM's General

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Moving in the mobile world
IBM Perspective: Mobile money thanks to the mainframe
Partner PoV: A clean IT audit does not guarantee network or computer security
Focus on Storage: How Elastic Storage helps remove bottlenecks and lower costs
Currents: IBM Smarter Storage puts businesses in control of their data
Trends: Choosing the best proprietary or open-source applications
Case Study: Cooperative Consolidation: The Credit Union System of Brazil saves millions of dollars by virtualizing on the mainframe
Cover Story: The Mobile Mainframe: System z is a perfect fit for the growing trend
Feature: Connecting Applications and Data: WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect makes business assets accessible to mobile devices
Tech Showcase: How Linux on System z has become a go-to solution for businesses
Administrator: IBM tests show finding the optimal number of n-way processors helps maximize performance
Tech Corner: The new z/OSMF Workflows feature optimizes programming tasks
Solutions: OMC-FLASH 4.7.0; z86VM; Storage Director 4.2
Stop Run: IBMer's passion for engineering puts his house to work
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September 2014