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STOP RUN 2 Generations on the Mainframe Together, IBM executives Pat Toole Jr. and Pat Toole Sr. bring more than half a century of dedication to the company PHOTO COURTESY OF THE TOOLES Pat Toole Jr. and Pat Toole Sr. stand in front of Thomas J. Watson Sr.'s bookcase in his New York office at 590 Madison Ave. in the late 1990s. P at Toole, GM for System z*, grew up surrounded by IBM. "When I was growing up, most of my friends had a poster of Joe Namath on their bedroom wall and I had Tom Watson Sr.," he recalls. Valerie Dennis is managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition. He went on his first plant tour when he was 3. At age 8, his father tried to teach him how to design a printed circuit board. When he was 17, he applied for a co-op position, working mornings at IBM and spending afternoons finishing high school. Being entrenched in IBM was what he knew, as his father, Pat Toole Sr., a former senior vice president and group executive, retired after a 36year career at IBM in 1997. Like his son, Pat Sr. started at IBM as a co-op in Endicott, New York, where IBM was founded. The co-op experience afforded 56 // JULY/AUGUST 2014 him the chance to work on various assignments. "I got fascinated with working on semiconductors, so my electrical engineering career led me into semiconductors and semiconductors led me into mainframes," Pat Sr. says. "It seems that if you want to do the best technical work, do the most for society beyond the frontier of applications and development, it leads you inevitably to mainframes." Always a workhorse in solving client issues, the mainframe was the heart of where complicated business problems were solved, Pat Sr. says. Over the years, he's seen the mainframe advance into "a much broader technical and user environment than anybody ever imagined when I was working on mainframes." Though retired, Pat Sr. is still connected to IBM and the mainframe. He periodically helps IBM or discusses projects with his son. And people have found the elder Toole through his son. "When you leave IBM and retire in the type of a technical world that I lived in, the things you miss are the ever-changing technology and the relationship with people. Pat has enabled me to have continuity in both of those respects." The family link to IBM goes beyond father and son. Pat Jr.'s sister worked for IBM for 10 years and is now an independent contractor with IBM customers as clients. Two of Pat Jr.'s children now work for IBM. Beyond mainframes and IBM, the father and son duo enjoy playing golf together; traveling to Ireland; and visiting the University of Notre Dame, where Pat Jr. received a bachelor's in electrical engineering and serves on the university's graduate studies and research advisory council. Pat Sr. holds an honorary doctorate from Notre Dame and serves on the university's college of engineering advisory council. The Toole family holds IBM in high regard. It's all Pat Jr. has known, and he says he was born to be a part of IBM. "I love the company like a family and I never would have had that appreciation, knowledge or insight if it were not for my father," Pat Jr. says. "I am forever grateful for all he did to get me ready and prepared."

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Protecting information
IBM Perspective: Sunny outlook on the mainframe
Techbits: Watson: your personal shopper
Infographic: How the mainframe changed our world
Partner PoV: ISVs can help mainframe customers keep up with a rapidly evolving environment
Focus on Storage: IBM FlashSystem addresses storage and application performance issues
Currents: As data consumption expands, information protection policies must be put in place
Case Study: Credit Where Credit's Due: Isracard Group devises a novel way to verify its system integrity before disaster occurs
Cover Story: A Secure Fortress: The mainframe delivers the reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness your IT shop needs
Feature: Be Proactive in Risk Management: Protecting data is crucial as your business connects in ever-increasing ways along the access superhighway
Feature: Being Risk-Aware: New IBM and Ponemon study examines the economics of IT risk and reputation
Administrator: Active/Active Sites helps distribute workloads during outages
Tech Corner: A point-in-time tool, Runtime Diagnostics can find issues in a pinch
Solutions: Reflection 2014; CA Chorus; VFTP 3.0; Lifecycle Manager; STEPLIB-Rx; Ivory VisualConnect; Mainframe Abend Assist; Linux Enterprise Server Starter System for System z
Stop Run: Together, IBM executives Pat Toole Jr. and Pat Toole St. bring more than half a century of dedication to the company
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - July/August 2014