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TECHBITS IBM is looking to transform the consumer onlineshopping experience through a new Watsonpowered app, Fluid Expert Shopper (XPS), made with partner Fluid Inc. With XPS, consumers can ask questions usually directed at in-store sales associates and receive personalized advice. Watson participates in real-time conversations, learns from consumer responses and tailors its suggestions. As it understands the context of the users' questions, Watson will continuously learn about consumers' needs based on the information they share. When complete, the app will draw on data that includes the brand's product information, user reviews and online expert publications to provide informed recommendations. SOURCE: IBM.COM Michael Rhodin, senior VP, IBM Watson Group explores the XPS app with Brooke Aguilar, VP, IBM Global Business Development. Turn Off Your Credit Card OnDot Systems recently unveiled Card Control, an app that acts like a remote control for credit, debit and prepaid cards. Going beyond other security apps, Card Control lets card owners turn their cards on and off, set spending limits and disable charges from certain types of merchants. A user can sync the app with a phone's GPS, allowing it to alert them of fraud if the card is lost and someone tries to use it a few miles away, for example. No external hardware or special credit cards are required. The app is currently being sold directly to banks and credit card processors, and in its pilot program with Lone Star National Bank in Texas, fraud expenses fell by 60 percent. SOURCE: WIRED.COM Pop! Goes the Message Bristol University scientists have developed a system for projecting images onto bubbles that release a scent when popped. Named SensaBubble, it's described as a "chronosensory mid-air display system." Bubbles of various sizes are created and then tracked so text or images can be projected on them. When a bubble bursts, the message or image disappears, but a lingering scent is released. The team envisions SensaBubble being used in several industries, from education to shopping malls, where interest has already been expressed. The product was first unveiled at Toronto's CHI2014 in April. SOURCE: BBC.COM 10 // JULY/AUGUST 2014 PHOTO COURTESY OF IBM Watson: Your Personal Shopper http://www.IBM.COM http://www.WIRED.COM http://www.BBC.COM

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Protecting information
IBM Perspective: Sunny outlook on the mainframe
Techbits: Watson: your personal shopper
Infographic: How the mainframe changed our world
Partner PoV: ISVs can help mainframe customers keep up with a rapidly evolving environment
Focus on Storage: IBM FlashSystem addresses storage and application performance issues
Currents: As data consumption expands, information protection policies must be put in place
Case Study: Credit Where Credit's Due: Isracard Group devises a novel way to verify its system integrity before disaster occurs
Cover Story: A Secure Fortress: The mainframe delivers the reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness your IT shop needs
Feature: Be Proactive in Risk Management: Protecting data is crucial as your business connects in ever-increasing ways along the access superhighway
Feature: Being Risk-Aware: New IBM and Ponemon study examines the economics of IT risk and reputation
Administrator: Active/Active Sites helps distribute workloads during outages
Tech Corner: A point-in-time tool, Runtime Diagnostics can find issues in a pinch
Solutions: Reflection 2014; CA Chorus; VFTP 3.0; Lifecycle Manager; STEPLIB-Rx; Ivory VisualConnect; Mainframe Abend Assist; Linux Enterprise Server Starter System for System z
Stop Run: Together, IBM executives Pat Toole Jr. and Pat Toole St. bring more than half a century of dedication to the company
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - July/August 2014