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TECH SHOWCASE Optimizing Storage Why enterprises are considering cloud By Joel Keller hile the term "cloud storage" is relatively new, any IT manager knows that the concept has been around for a long time. Any time users called the help desk because they couldn't access their project files on the "G drive" or to complain that their email inbox was full, those users were probably using cloud storage without even realizing it. The idea behind cloud storage is pretty straightforward; instead of using a local hard drive, users access files remotely, either over the Internet or the company's private intranet. The explosion of publicly available cloud storage solutions and the need for users to access data via mobile devices, W however, have pushed this issue to the forefront. Still in Fashion According to Barbara Read, an opportunity manager with IBM's IT Optimization Consulting practice, client interest in cloud storage strategy has picked up again after a brief lull. "It's interesting because it was all the rage back in 2010 and 2011. We saw it lag a little bit in 2012 and then pick up again in the latter part of 2013, with a lot of interest in 2014," Read says. "Certainly the evolution from cloud to software-defined environments (SDEs) has injected some new life into the cloud conversations we're having with our clients." Phil Gilmer, an information infrastructure consultant in IBM's IT Optimization Consulting group agrees. "At this point, a lot of our clients are still-especially from the large enterprise perspective-just exploring possibilities. Most everybody wants to better understand what cloud storage is about and how they might best leverage it for their business." Optimization Is Key Cloud storage solutions remain in vogue because clients are looking for operational efficiencies and cost reduction when it comes to storage infrastructure. When Read and Gilmer talk to clients about cloud storage, they're MAY/JUNE 2014 // 41

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Editor's Desk: Looking to the cloud for support
Techbits: Calling Ugandan Government
Partner PoV: With the right approach mainframers can improve the application environment to better position themselves for the future
Trends: Partnerships with MSPs allows more companies to be on the platform than ever before
Currents: Figuring out the questions to be answered simplified the search for information within unstructured data
R&D: Science and serendipity meet at the IBM Accelerated Discovery Lab
Case Study: Good Medicine: SinfoniaRx improves patient services by moving to a zEnterprise 114 Enterprise Linux Server
Cover Story: A Cloud In A Box: Enterprise Cloud System is IBM's first converged mainframe offering
Feature: Reliability Amid Change: Develop cloud applications and meet consumer expectations with the IBM CICS V5.2 application server
Tech Showcase: Why enterprises are considering cloud
Administrator: In addition to increasing raw speed and feed, software can provide information directly to the System z microprocessor
Tech Corner: Flash Express provides increased system availability and resiliency during peak demand
Solutions: Accelerator for .NET 4.3; Ivory Data Hub v5.2.0; Savvytest 2.0 for z/OS; zHISR 2.0; Ivory Service Architect; SpaceFinder
Stop Run: Community orchestra inspires IBM data scientist Scott Spangler in work and life
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
Special Report: Big Data's Competitive Advantage
Special Report: IBM Global Training
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - May/June 2014