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Illustration by Craig Ward Abend-AID SANSlide Series 150V7KSVC Virtual Machine Backup 5.0 Compuware Bridgeworks STORServer The latest improvements in Compuware's Abend-AID make it easier to use, especially for staff unfamiliar with mainframe systems. Abend-AID Fault Analytics can shorten the time it takes to analyze and resolve application failures. Features include: In combination with IBM Storwize* V7000, SANSlide is designed for customers who require efficient IPbased replication over long distances. Its benefits include: The latest Virtual Machine Backup (VMB) software now includes IBM Tivoli* Storage Manager (TSM) for Virtual Environments (VE), providing access to many features, including: s s s s s )NCREASED VISIBILITY INTO FAULTS including trend analysis 5SABILITY IMPROVEMENTS THAT significantly shorten root-cause analysis time )NFORMATION TO ASSIST PROGRAMMERS to better understand the code in question #USTOMIZATION CAPABILITIES TO tailor the product 4HE CAPABILITY TO KEEP LONGTERM historical information on abend activity R OS SUPPORT: z/OS* 1.12-2.1 R PRICE: Variable R URL: s s s s s s s s &ITANDFORGET TECHNOLOGY -ITIGATION OF RECOVERY POINT objectives and recovery time objectives !CCELERATION OF UP TO %! PERCENT of WAN speed .O SOFTWARE CHANGES TO 6# or servers !CCELERATION OF DATA FLOW VIA Protocol Acceleration Engine -AXIMIZATION OF THE CAPACITY OF THE pipe using parallel TCP/IP pipeline technology /PTIMIZATION OF MULTIPLE connections with artificial intelligence R OS SUPPORT: N/A R PRICE: 3TARTING AT Ä% WITH standard warranty R URL: products/sanslide.phtml s s s s s "LOCKLEVEL FULL AND INCREMENTAL BACKUPS based on VMware changed block tracking 6- AND INDIVIDUAL FILE RECOVERY FROM BOTH FULL and incremental backups "LOCKLEVEL INCREMENTAL BACKUPS OF VIRTUAL machines running on non-Windows* OSs 4HE hINCREMENTAL FOREVERv BACKUP STRATEGY which helps eliminate the need for weekly full machine backups 2ESTORE CAPABILITY FROM OTHER 43- FOR 6% user interfaces, including a VMware vCenter Client plugin )NSTANT RESTORES OF VIRTUAL MACHINE DISK VOLUMES USING THE 43- FOR 6% 2ECOVERY !GENT '5) R OS SUPPORT: Linux* SLES 10 (64 bit), SLES  È" BITÉ 2(%, ! È" BITÉ AND 2(%, " È" BITÉ R PRICE: Ä$! PER CLIENT' Ä PER SITE LICENSE UP TO ! VIRTUAL MACHINES R URL: IntelliMagic Vision 7.0.0 SCM Accelerator IntelliMagic PacGenesis IntelliMagic releases version 7.0.0 of IntelliMagic Vision, its proactive storage performance management solution. The new version: This solution is designed to automatically migrate customers from any mainframe software CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT È3#-É TO 2ATIONAL 4EAM #ONCERT %NTERPRISE %DITION È24#É 4HE 3#Accelerator can: s s s s s s 3UPPORTS THREE NEW MIDRANGE STORAGE PLATFORMSˆ(0 0!2 (0 0 AND ($3 !-3ˆIN ADDITION TO SUPPORT FOR )"- 36# )"- 6# AND %-# 6-!8 0ROVIDES PERSPECTIVES SHOWING CAPACITY ACTIVITY AND PERFORMANCE BROKEN down by host or cluster to let users follow the host activity down to the storage components and back, enhancing root-cause analysis coverage /FFERS NEW CAPACITY REPORTING THAT SHOWS LOGICAL AND PHYSICAL SPACE INCLUDING allocated space for thin provisioned volumes with change tracking and trending %XPANDS 2-& SUPPORT BY ADDING 8#& AND ANALYZING JOB DATA BASED ON 2-& TYPE  FOR Z/3 USERS 3INGLEVIEW PERFORMANCE ALERT SUMMARIES FOR DISTRIBUTED AND Z/3 PLATFORMS 3UPPORT FOR DUALTIME RANGE SELECTION IN THE '5) R OS SUPPORT: Platform agnostic R PRICE: Variable R URL: s s s %XECUTE A SUCCESSFUL MIGRATION FOR A VARIETY OF customers 5TILIZE CUSTOMER INPUT SCRUB EXISTING SOURCES AND ORGANIZE THAT DATA FOR IMPORT INTO 24# #ONFIGURES PROJECT AREAS AND SYSTEM definitions using development best practices to ensure a seamless transition R OS SUPPORT: Z/3 6% AND ABOVE R PRICE: Variable R URL: MARCH/APRIL 2014 // 69

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - March/April 2014

Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Generation Z forges ahead
IBM Perspective: Celebrating 50 years of mainframe innovation
SHARE Outlook: The user group's value to the mainframe community
Partner PoV: Hosting virtual desktop on System z can decrease complexity and save costs
Trends: Automation Control introduces enterprise-class automated operations for smaller z/OS environments
IT Today: IBM's Steve Mills on the economics of IT and cost-saving strategies
Case Study: Money In The Bank: Isbank Turkey improves performance across the board by upgrading to the IBM zEnterprise EC12
Cover Story: Generation Z on System z: Rewarding partnerships and careers evolve from IBM’s Master the Mainframe contest
Feature: UBER-Competition: The Master the Mainframe World Championship tests the best and the brightest students on System z app-building
Feature: Making Giant Leaps: Advances in virtualization, Linux adoption and cloud deployments keep the mainframe at the top of its game
Business Partner Histories
Tech Corner: Robust compatibility is a cornerstone of the mainframe's staying power
Solutions: Abend-AID; SANSlide Series 150V7KSVC; Virtual Machine Backup 5.0; IntelliMagic Vision 7.0.0; SCM Accelerator
Stop Run: Computing museums reveal how quickly IT has changed
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - March/April 2014