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EDITOR'S DESK Generation Z Forges Ahead his past fall, I experienced a major milestone-I sent my 18-year-old off to college. He's a smart young man with a bright future ahead of him. I know this. But as a mom, I still fret and worry about being separated from my firstborn. I want to make sure he eats right and gets enough rest. I want to make sure he's studying and turning his assignments in on time. In short, I want to helicopter. PHOTOGRAPHY BY DARIN BACK T So far, I've resisted the urge. When I went to college, my parents didn't have the option to helicopter. They had to call me on the dorm phone (one phone per floor), send me a letter or drive to campus (an hour away) to see me in person. My son is not only a text or phone call away, he can be reached via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook messaging, FaceTime on the iPad, etc. My son is part of digitally native Generation Z. Someday, he and his generation will be leading the world. Pretty much everything my husband and I have done for him to date is to help prepare him for that. Similarly, to help groom the mainframe users and programmers of tomorrow, IBM is actively engaging with high schools, colleges and universities worldwide to bring System z* education to the classroom. Doing so is one of the focal points of the Making the Extraordinary Possible: IBM Mainframe50 celebration IBM is planning April 8 to commemorate the launch of the System 360, the precursor to the modern zEnterprise* System. In the cover story on page 30, we interviewed seven bright and promising young people who have real-world mainframe experience through the IBM Master the Mainframe competition. For example, Dontrell R. Harris, a senior at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, N.C., will begin working for a Fortune 500 insurance company after graduation in May. "My mainframe experience has allowed me to open many doors and change my whole career and life," he says. Furthering students' mainframe experience is also the goal behind the Master the Mainframe World Championship. IBM is sponsoring the uber-competition among winners of 2013 and 2014 Master the Mainframe country-level contests. To learn more about this competition, check out the feature on page 36. Also in this issue, you'll find articles on how the mainframe moves ahead with new advances in virtualization, Linux* adoption and cloud deployments, a look at Automation Control for z/OS* and a deep dive on how robust compatibility accounts for some of the mainframe's staying power. As part of the System z ecosystem, mainframe business partners are also reflecting on their roots in the mainframe and looking forward to a bright future as reflected in the profiles on page 46. The issue is packed with educational material. I only hope my 18-year-old is packing in the information he needs to succeed. Oh, I've got to go. There's a Skype message coming in from him. Evelyn Hoover // Executive Editor CONTRIBUTORS Jim Utsler Livin' la vida Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine senior writer, published his first novel, "Pura Vida," a fast-paced and tense mystery/thriller partly set in Costa Rica. His is currently working on a sequel he hopes will be a worthy successor to "Pura Vida," which has been called "absolutely amazing and something special." 6 // MARCH/APRIL 2014 Mike Desens Global leader Mike Desens, who was quoted in the article on page 40 and wrote the IBM Perspective column on page 8, is the vice president and business line executive of System z*. He's responsible for all facets of IBM's mainframe business, including strategy, architecture, technology development and overall financial performance. He previously served as vice president, Power* and System z Development and led IBM Systems and Technology Group laboratories in China and Taiwan.

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Generation Z forges ahead
IBM Perspective: Celebrating 50 years of mainframe innovation
SHARE Outlook: The user group's value to the mainframe community
Partner PoV: Hosting virtual desktop on System z can decrease complexity and save costs
Trends: Automation Control introduces enterprise-class automated operations for smaller z/OS environments
IT Today: IBM's Steve Mills on the economics of IT and cost-saving strategies
Case Study: Money In The Bank: Isbank Turkey improves performance across the board by upgrading to the IBM zEnterprise EC12
Cover Story: Generation Z on System z: Rewarding partnerships and careers evolve from IBM’s Master the Mainframe contest
Feature: UBER-Competition: The Master the Mainframe World Championship tests the best and the brightest students on System z app-building
Feature: Making Giant Leaps: Advances in virtualization, Linux adoption and cloud deployments keep the mainframe at the top of its game
Business Partner Histories
Tech Corner: Robust compatibility is a cornerstone of the mainframe's staying power
Solutions: Abend-AID; SANSlide Series 150V7KSVC; Virtual Machine Backup 5.0; IntelliMagic Vision 7.0.0; SCM Accelerator
Stop Run: Computing museums reveal how quickly IT has changed
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
2014 Mainframe Solutions Edition Product Index

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - March/April 2014