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IBM PERSPECTIVE Mainframe Innovation Continues eing an IBM executive, you learn quickly that you are not the position; you are simply the steward of that position. I have been fortunate to serve as VP and Business Line Executive (BLE) for IBM System z* for more than three years. In November I was named the new VP, Storage Systems Development. I'm excited about the new opportunity and look forward to continuing to help clients solve business problems aided by IBM technologies. It has been an absolute honor and privilege to serve the System z community. I am pleased to announce that Mike Desens, who has a long history with System z, has accepted the position as System z VP and BLE. B capabilities (including simplified management of virtualized Linux* on System z). In November, IBM announced the zEnterprise System broke the 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) mark by reaching 117,292 TPS on a single IMS* 13 Fast Path environment. These innovations and achievements showcase the System z team's commitment to delivering continued innovation and groundbreaking technologies. IBM System z in 2014 and Beyond In 2014, we join thousands of clients, business partners, ISVs and IBMers to commemorate the golden anniversary of System z. Leading up to the official anniversary on April 7, we will reflect on the ways the mainframe has been at the forefront of enabling huge discoveries and driving major industry transformations throughout the world. Think of what we know as the modern banking and financial industries. Think about how the mainframe has transformed the transportation industry and powered the airline and railway reservation systems. Think about the mainframe every time you use your 8 // JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 credit card. The mainframe has enabled some of the most pervasive technologies-many of which have become staple instruments in our daily life. And it won't stop. Look for us to be talking about what clients are doing that is new and innovative with System z today, and what IBM, our clients and partners are doing to train and develop the next generation of System z professionals. IBM is committed to ongoing innovation and reinvention for the mainframe-delivering on the promise of our past and driving new innovations that will propel you and your organization into the future. The System z platform is in good hands. Together, General Manager Pat Toole, Desens, the IBMers led by them, our clients and partners will continue the tradition of excellence. GREG LOTKO Vice President and former Business Line Executive for System z PHOTOGRAPHY BY BOB MARTUS This year marks the 50th anniversary of the IBM mainframe. This key moment in history is the result of the efforts of thousands of dedicated IBMers working closely with our clients and partners over five decades to drive continued innovations for zEnterprise* clients worldwide. And, as you have seen from the amount of capability delivered in 2013, we are continuing to innovate and plan to do so well into the future. In 2013, we worked tirelessly to architect, design, and deliver many System z enhancements, including the launch of a new business class system-the IBM zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12) midrange server. This new system is a screamer, running at 4.2 GHz and offering up to 62 percent more total capacity compared to its predecessor, the z114. Additional innovations include: high-end system enhancements, new operating system releases for z/OS* and z/VM*, new software capabilities, three new industry solutions and technologies supporting cloud, analytics, mobile, and security. On Aug. 30, 2013, IBM completed the acquisition of Israel-based CSL International, which expands System z cloud

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Editor's Desk: The father of innovation
IBM Perspective: Mainframe innovation continues
Trends: RDz family of tools helps organizations address new paradigms and business expectations
IT Today: Flash Express integrates secure, high-performance storage within System z
Case Study: Weather or Not: Met Office makes a cost-conscious and test-driven decision to consolidate Linux instances on the mainframe
Cover Story: The System z influence: How mainframe innovations have helped shape and reshape the IT world
Feature: Always moving forward: IBM's System z platform has many more tricks up its sleeve
Tech Corner: JES2 SAPI POST optimization can yield results
How To: How to successfully implement zBX hybrid computing
Solutions: Attunity Replicate 2.1, InSync Plugin, Storage Director 4.1
Stop Run: Coin collecting and history fascinate mainframe strategist
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2014