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EDITOR'S DESK The Father of Innovation hen we were first dating, I remember asking my now husband what his father did for a living. The reply: "He installs and repairs mainframes for IBM." I'll admit I had no idea what a mainframe was. That was before I took a job publishing magazines and online content for IBM. PHOTOGRAPHY BY DARIN BACK W Truth be told, the mainframes my father-in-law installed for IBM bear little resemblance to the zEnterprise* System of today. That's because IBM wasn't content to rest on its laurels when it introduced the big iron servers back in the day. With each release, new features are added, making the IBM flagship server stand out from its brethren. Mainframe innovation has helped shape and reshape the world of IT as we know it. "The mainframe is where all of this began, with virtualization being just one example," says Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow and VP, Innovation. "Although the time delay between mainframe implementations and movement to other platforms has shrunk from, say, 20 to 30 years to five to 10 years, it remains the leader in new-technology deployment," he notes. In the cover story on page 22, Meyerson and Jeff Frey, System z* CTO, share more on how these mainframe-led technologies have trickled down to other platforms. The platform continues to evolve. In the feature story on page 28, Meyerson and Frey explore some of the future innovations planned for the mainframe. For instance, by treating servers, storage and networking as virtualized services, the notion of hardware-defined environments is being turned on its head to become software-defined environments. This allows administrators to dynamically provision resources using policydriven automation. Other articles in this issue include a case study on how the U.K.'s Met Office has consolidated on Linux* on System z, a look at Flash Express and System z, and mainframe strategist Paul DiMarzio's two bits about his passion for numismatics, the study and collection of currency. The past, present and future of the System z platform have been and continue to be bright. My father-in-law would be proud. Evelyn Hoover // Executive Editor CONTRIBUTORS R George Ng Traveler's taste George Ng, co-author of the How To article on page 34, enjoys traveling with his wife and family in his spare time and has visited more than 30 countries. He's also a bit of a foodie and enjoys culinary gourmand trips. Some of the favorite exotic delicacies he's sampled include fried scorpions, snake blood wine, haggis and balut. He has resided in Rome, Beijing, and Poughkeepsie, N.Y., among other exotic locations. 6 // JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 R Alisa Morse Running at full blast Outside of work, Alisa Morse, co-author of the Trends article on page 10, enjoys music and running. Since her 50th birthday last year, she has run three halfmarathons with her husband, Mike, and friends. She also plays the tenor horn in a brass quartet and in the Triangle Brass Band. She also accompanies members of her family on piano.

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: The father of innovation
IBM Perspective: Mainframe innovation continues
Trends: RDz family of tools helps organizations address new paradigms and business expectations
IT Today: Flash Express integrates secure, high-performance storage within System z
Case Study: Weather or Not: Met Office makes a cost-conscious and test-driven decision to consolidate Linux instances on the mainframe
Cover Story: The System z influence: How mainframe innovations have helped shape and reshape the IT world
Feature: Always moving forward: IBM's System z platform has many more tricks up its sleeve
Tech Corner: JES2 SAPI POST optimization can yield results
How To: How to successfully implement zBX hybrid computing
Solutions: Attunity Replicate 2.1, InSync Plugin, Storage Director 4.1
Stop Run: Coin collecting and history fascinate mainframe strategist
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2014