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Illustration by Craig Ward Attunity Replicate 2.1 InSync Plugin Storage Director 4.1 Attunity Macro 4 Tributary Systems Inc. This high-performance data-delivery solution features several enhancements for data warehousing. New capabilities and OPTIMIZATIONS INCLUDE& The new plugin is part of an integrated software suite for mainframe fault resolution FOR %CLIPSE INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENTS &EATURES OF THE -ACRO suite include: This release extends Storage Director's any-to-any data protection options by adding LTO*-5 and LTO-6 front-end emulation plus LTO-6 and Network File System (NFS) back-end support. This support allows customers to: s s s s s &ULL SUPPORT FOR LARGE OBJECTS INCLUDING BLOBs, CLOBS and NCLOBS 4URBO3TREAM #$# ÈCHANGE DATA capture) technology that provides key OPTIMIZATIONS FOR !MAZON 2EDSHIFT %-# Greenplum and Teradata, leveraging the data warehouses' native features and UTILITIES TO OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE AND AGILITY %NHANCED EXPRESSION BUILDERS (transforms, filters and global transformations) for significant advances IN USABILITY AND '5)S )MPROVED RESOURCE UTILIZATION AND ERROR handling policies ,OG FILE MANAGEMENT THAT PROVIDES THE capability to automatically delete or roll OVER LOG FILES ACCORDING TO DATE AND SIZE s s s s R OS SUPPORT: Z/3 $ AND ABOVE AND %CLIPSE 6 AND ABOVE R PRICE: &REE TO USERS OF -ACRO ÇS mainframe fault analysis, testing and data management software R URL: WWWMACRO COM R OS SUPPORT: $" FOR I Z/3 5.)8 Linux*, Windows* R PRICE: Variable R URL: ADVERTISER INDEX Advanced Software Products Group Inc. // CA // )N3YNC FOR DATA MANIPULATION AND TEST data creation, with a point-and-click interface to enable editing, browsing AND MANIPULATION OF Z/3 FILES AND data sets $UMP-ASTER FOR FAULT ANALYSIS 4RACE-ASTER FOR INTERACTIVE CODE testing and debugging Z%XPLORER WHICH PROVIDES ACCESS TO mainframe files and faster deployment of program enhancements PAGE ISPW // s 5TILIZE THE MOST POPULAR AND HIGHEST available tape capacities (up to 2.5 TB per LTO-6 cartridge) to PROTECT DATA ON )"- 3YSTEM Z and Power Systems* %NABLE MIGRATIONS BY EMULATING OLDER tape technology, such as LTO-1, to legacy hosts while actually writing the data to LTO-5 and LTO-6 !DD .&3 DISK FOR SAVINGRESTORING frequently accessed short-term data $IRECTLY CONNECT .&3BASED deduplication devices s s s R OS SUPPORT: !LL VERSIONS OF Z/3 ,INUX !)8 #!X )"- I #! R PRICE: Variable R URL: 17 13 Jolly Giant Software Inc. // 4 C2 MVS Solutions Inc. // 1 ColeSoft Marketing Inc. // 15 PKWARE Inc. // 31 Compuware // 7 Relational Architects International Inc. // CONTACT THE SALES TEAM ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Mari Adamson-Bray (612) 336-9241 ASSOCIATE SALES MANAGER, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST AND ASIA-PACIFIC ,ISA +ILWEIN s È"É  $ 3 Compuware Webinar // 27 SHARE // IBM Systems 2014 Technical Events // 30 Software Diversified Services // 37 Innovation Data Processing // C4 SUSE // 9 IntelliMagic Inc. // 35 Trident Services Inc. // 5 38 // JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 26, C3 ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST AND CANADA +ATHY )NGULSRUD s È"É #$! ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, MIDWEST AND EUROPE $ARRYL 2OWELL s È"É #$

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: The father of innovation
IBM Perspective: Mainframe innovation continues
Trends: RDz family of tools helps organizations address new paradigms and business expectations
IT Today: Flash Express integrates secure, high-performance storage within System z
Case Study: Weather or Not: Met Office makes a cost-conscious and test-driven decision to consolidate Linux instances on the mainframe
Cover Story: The System z influence: How mainframe innovations have helped shape and reshape the IT world
Feature: Always moving forward: IBM's System z platform has many more tricks up its sleeve
Tech Corner: JES2 SAPI POST optimization can yield results
How To: How to successfully implement zBX hybrid computing
Solutions: Attunity Replicate 2.1, InSync Plugin, Storage Director 4.1
Stop Run: Coin collecting and history fascinate mainframe strategist
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - January/February 2014