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IBM PERSPECTIVE Extending IBM's Commitment to Big Data and Analytics S Research shows that leaders who utilize next-generation applications to manage and derive insights from big data are twice as likely to outperform their peers across multiple industries. To further enable organizations' big data and analytics capabilities, IBM is keenly focused on evolving systems, business applications, and social, cloud and mobile technologies that can not only manage big data but also empower our clients to take actions to make a competitive difference. With the IBM zEnterprise* System, we're providing a competitive approach to help organizations turn information into insight and insight into better business outcomes. IBM business analytics and data warehousing solutions on zEnterprise are designed to cost-effectively exploit the platform's unique capabilities for running various workloads while delivering fast, reliable and scalable information for optimized business performance. This year, we've continued our commitment to big data, analytics, mobile, cloud and social business innovations by enhancing our portfolio of solutions that can be deployed across the zEnterprise family. This issue highlights many of these offerings, providing a perspective on the big data landscape and how zEnterprise and DB2* V11 technologies can help simplify that space. Couple these with the introduction of the zEnterprise BC12, and organizations of all sizes can improve customer service by exploiting the latest capabilities of zEnterprise. These technologies include an efficient and flexible cloud delivery model, embedded real-time analytics and enterprise mobility-all helping organizations leverage a highly secure and resilient infrastructure. The zEnterprise System is specifically designed to unlock the power of big data through the integration of business intelligence and transactional processing to help deliver Join the conversation on Twitter @IBM_System_z 8 // NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013 PAT TOOLE General Manager, System z competitive advantages through actionable insights. Advanced virtualization features like multisystem virtualization and live guest relocation with System z*, z/VM* and Linux* on System z help provide an efficient infrastructure for deploying private clouds for workloads that scale both horizontally and vertically at a low total cost of ownership. And, with the IBM zEnterprise System's high level of security, clients can trust it to protect their most valuable information, thus helping reduce organizational and reputational risk. In this issue of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition, learn more about how the zEnterprise System is driving key big data and analytic innovations for clients throughout the world. PHOTOGRAPHY BY MATT GREENSLADE uccessfully leveraging big data and analytics is a key concern for every business. With the sheer volume of data, coupled with the velocity and variety of information generated in today's hyperconnected world, enterprises face greater challenges in gaining a competitive advantage and delivering a superior customer experience.

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: On the road with analytics
IBM Perspective: Extending IBM's commitment to big data and analytics
Trends: IBM Capacity Management Analytics for zEnterprise cost-effectively ensures optimal performance
IT Today: IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator V4.1 expands the value of high-performance analytics
Case Study: The State of Consolidation: Oklahoma improves service levels by consolidating its IT on zEC12
Cover Story: Big Data's Big Impact: zEnterprise hybrid technology helps redefine business analytics
Feature: The System z Crystal Ball?: Teach the mainframe to predict the future using analytics and automation
Tech Corner: Alternative metrics deliver a more complete view of hardware for server RFPs
Administrator: QMF extends its analytics capabilities to help meet the demands of big data and mobile
Solutions: TestBase; Vanguard Offline
Stop Run: Historic property has much to teach retired IBMer
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2013